Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thor's Day with a Snooze!

Hi Ho Woofers!

D&H back again!

What a wonderful sunrise this morning! It was super deep red and yellows. We woofed and woke Old Two Legs up thinking he might like to take a photo of it, but all he did was to take us down to the garden and let us out for a wee!

Mind you, that early in the morning we don't think he can tell if there is a red sun rise or he is still looking through his eye lids!

Poor OTL just doesn't do early mornings!

By the time we got down to the Sea Wall the red had all gone, leaving a sort of golden glow.

Which was OK by us and it didn't hurt OTL's eyes!

A Gentle sunrise!

As we came back we saw some people on the beach taking photos and using a big reflector. Holly thought it was a wind break 'cos the model was in swimming trunks but OTL put her straight on that one being that he's 'Technical' on photographing and anyway, he has one of them reflector things as well!

Smile and say Cheese!
OTL wanted to go down and ask them what they were doing but we were pulling on the lead so hard to get back for breakfast that he didn't get a chance!

You know he showed off all the way home!

The Missus has been playing at crafting today, she showed OTL a label thingy that she made from the aluminium tape he sells. She stuck it on a bit of card, then squeezed it through her die machine, then  sloshed some inks over it and dried it with her flame throwing heat gun. (Dangerous thing that!)

Then she rubbed it down with some sort of sand paper. When she showed it to OTL she said it was called a 'Distressed Finish' OTL asked why it was that when he looked 'Distressed' TM just called him an 'Untidy Slob'!

OTL just can't win!

We both had a good snooze this morning, really relaxing snooze in our day beds, that was until OTL decided we both had 'Mucky Chops'!

Where we enjoy a good chew of the Rawhide Chew, the rawhide gives off a super slimy sauce that tastes wonderful. The only problem is, it is like glue, great when it is fluid but dries solid and gums up our whiskers!

OTL has been promising to wash our faces for some time and today is the day! I spent about half an hour, sitting on OTL's lap having my face washed with warm water and doggy shampoo, YUK!

In the end we didn't get it all out, but worst of all, Holly escaped the washing bit, OTL was too tired to do her!

Lunch time came and we went out to check on the fishermen, Holly said they had chicken sandwiches in their bags and was going to have a closer sniff when one of them shouted at her to 'Clear Orf'!

OTL laughed at that.

Got any Sarnies?

There were a few down there on the wall so we moved inland a bit.

No Sarnies here either!
We met up with a young doggy who had only just started to live with her owners, so was getting used to all the new sniffs and meeting loads of new dogs as well!

Thanks for the Sniffs Girls!
So we said 'Hello' and told her of a few really good sniffs on the path, then we had a little game of chase before heading for home.

The afternoon was spent having another well earned snooze and we even managed to get OTL to take us out for a run in the park when he took a parcel down to the Post Office!

So this evening we are going to spend having a snooze in front of the TV, well, OTL & TM do that every evening, so why not us?

But not until the shortbread gets nibbled!

This has been a good Thor's Day for us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Shame OTL missed the sunrise, I was up early today trying to get a grips with the stars. Used my new Ipad thingy but after 10 minutes I was back it doors as Mr Frost is about today, so put your coats on you two.

    Ok on TM making a mess, wot's new still she make lovely cards. (Dont tell her though she will want another medal).

    Glad you had a nice day. XXX

  2. Yup I got a few pictures of the sunrise but not had a chance to do a blog for a few days.

    Lovely story