Thursday, 9 February 2012

Forrest Fun

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here and what a day!

First we went down to the Sea Wall, with our coats on as protection against the wind, but when we got there we found that the wind had dropped down to a mild breeze!

So, after running around a bit we both got a bit warm.

Chance for roll in the snow to cool down!

Cooling Roll on the Beach!
 Holly resisted the roll but stuck her nose into the snow and was throwing it up in the air!

Daft Doggy!

Up you go!
We got to the bend in the path and spotted the Brent Geese on the beach. We stood and watched them for a few moments and discussed the possibility of rushing down to the beach and grabbing one for dinner!
Well, it would be a change from chicken!

What do you reckon our chances are?
We worked out our speed and the distance we were from the geese and the time it would take for us to get there, then we added the time and distance it would take for them to fly away.

After all that, we decided it wasn't worth it!

 I found a stick on the path and Holly and I had a good time trying to keep it away from the other, first I had it, then Holly got it and we ended up with both of us having it!

S'my Stick!
 We heard a woofing over the hill and rushed up to find young Bryn running towards us. We had a fun time chasing each other over the snow. Bryn said that he had not been out for a few days 'cos his owner had a bad arm. So now he was let out he was having a great time pretending he was indestructible and could take on the World!

Holly called him Bryn the Terrible and chased him all around Old Two Legs a couple of times! When you see that he is almost as tall as us you can see Holly's joke!

Bryn the Terrible!
 After a spot of lunch, OTL took us down to The Forest and we found that the snow was still there on the ground almost as deep as it was when it first fell!

Snow in the forest.
 We went hunting squirrels all through the trees, Holly did her 'Squirrel Spotting' while I chased them from tree to tree! Those sneaky squirrels stayed up in the trees and would not come down where we could get to them!

Spotting for Daisy!
 We managed to chase two squirrels from tree to tree until they disappeared!

Quick, they went That a Way!
 While we were hunting squirrel, OTL was trying out his newly serviced posh camera and took two pictures, one he focused up on the bushes, then onto the snow covered table. When he got home, he played about on the computer and merged the two together. Why?

 OTL said that it was a sneaky way to increase the Depth of Field. He has done this before but had a tripod with him, this time it was a hand held.

We think he was just showing off!

 Tonight OTL says he will get his shortbread out again, so we are in for some nibbles tonight!

Bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly   


  1. Bryn the terrible is gorgeous, more running around, more squirrels and looks like more shortbread, it can't be a bad life you two lead.
    This DoF, OTL is really teaching you things, you will be able to teach all the old dogs new tricks.

  2. I like Bryn as well he is luverly.

    Looks like you both had a load of fun in the snow and chasing Squirrels. Did they go nah nah nah at you from the top? You two will never learn.

    Re OTL showing off, tell him to use TM's point and shoot it will have the same effect. XX

  3. What a great day you two had. Don't get cold.