Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Revenge of The Worms!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Guess what? Holly didn't want to get up this morning, she had found a warm soft part of Old Two Legs bed and she was not going to move for anything. Well, that was until OTL started tickling her tail until she was wriggling around and laughing! Well, it's got to be better than grumbling first thing!

We went down to the Sea Wall, the sun was shining but the wind was a bit chilly. That means we were running about all over the place to keep warm and if we got too hot, we just had a roll in the snow!
A Good place for a roll!

Poor Wormy man was not feeling too well, we think that a passing gang of Worms had a word with him for digging up all their family members. Lets say he has a w(hole) new outlook on life! Holly said he was looking Arm-less as well as having his head in the clouds!

I don't feel well!

We saw some Brent Gees close to shore and Holly was ready to run down the beach to grab one, just to see if they tasted like chicken but OTL said no, the mud would be very cold and mucky!

Chicken or Goose or Chicken or Goose?

All of a sudden we heard a familiar sound .......... 'Yahoooo Girlies!

It was Barney!

Yahoooo Girlies!
There he was, in a flurry of snow and ice, racing along the path! We had a game of chase and of course he won on account of his long legs.

He showed us a new trick he had perfected, it involved his 'Ball on a Rope' and he could balance the ball on the end of the rope!

Just like That!

A couple of times it fell over but in the end I spotted how he did it, he would swing it around and then pretend it was balanced. I know that 'cos he never kept it up for very long!

Or maybe like That!

After he had gone I told Holly how he did the ball and rope trick but she didn't believe me at all and said that I was only jealous 'cos I couldn't do it and I said that she only believed him 'cos she fancied him really and................................ and that's when the fight started!

Holly was showing off all the way home but after a bit of lunch and a game with OTL everything was OK!

The Missus has been off to babysit this afternoon so we have been playing 'Chase' with OTL all over the house, he has been chasing us with our squeaky toys and we have been fighting with him by jumping up and licking his ears!

TM got back just before dinner, so we had nice warm chicken and biscuits this evening, after mugging OTL for a bit of his dinner!

We plan to go to the Riverside tomorrow 'cos OTL has got some stuff to drop off and we pass the park, so, more chasing the birds!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Poor wormy man, still all good things come to an end.

    See Barney and his rope trick,love it.

    Great pics OTL. Glad you had some fun wiv OTL this afternoon. XX

  2. Oh poor wormy man I had hoped he would last for a couple of days, he must have taken ages to create. Glad you had fun in the snow, that rope trick is very old, well done for spotting how it was done.
    Looks like more fun tomorrow at Riverside, tell OTL not to work too hard and don't you two slipping over chasing those birds, they have a big advantage over you, THEY CAN FLY FOR REAL! xx

  3. You lot make me fell cold, just the thought of going to Riverside... BUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Going round the paper shop this morning it felt like it was snowing, so you girls stay warm.