Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturns Day Today!

Hi Woofers!

Weekend's here and today is Saturday or as Old Two Legs says, Saturn's Day and Saturn is the God of Agriculture, (if your into god things) and that is why everyone cuts the grass and clears up the garden on a Saturday, before the football starts!

OTL can be right clever sometimes!

We did out bit of agriculture when we went down to the Sea Wall this morning, we both watered the grass, in several places!

We could do a Wee here?

Then we had a bit of a dig at a rabbit hole, just for fun!

Then we met up with a couple of old ladies who told us they were sisters too and did we know of any good sniffs around this morning? We shared our morning sniffs with them, well it would save them having to explore all over the place and get tired before having time to enjoy the sniff!

Yo Girls, any good sniffs around here?
Then we were off again, Holly spotted the rooks on the sea front having their breakfast. So, Holly being Holly ran up to them calling our 'Hey, Rooky Rooky' but they were having none of it and flew into the air, just above Holly!

Hey, Rooky Rooky!
Holly soon got fed up with chasing them and instead decided to have a look at what they were eating, even Holly said it was horrid!

The rooks had other ideas and landed a bit further up the beach and called out to Holly to 'Rook Off!' and leave their breakfast along!

Rook Off Woofer!
Holly called out that she had lambs heart waiting for her when she got home and wouldn't touch their horrid tasting rubbish!

Off we went and finished our morning stroll!

We had our morning snoozett in OTL's office in our 'Day Bed'. It is really good 'cos when OTL shuts the door we are not disturbed by The Missus flying around on her jet powered carpet sweeper!

In the afternoon we went down to The Forest again, great fun hunting out the sniffs and we met up with a German Schnauzer called Herman. He was good fun and we all played chase for a while, that was until he got called away to go home!

Herman the German

We were looking for squirrels but didn't see any at all! We did see loads of birds and that pleased OTL. We saw Blue Tits and Great Tits and Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Green Woodpecker and Magpies and Collared Doves and Wood Pigeons and a Crow and some small brown jobs that he couldn't name 'cos they were too far away!

Magpies having a rest!
This one was too high up as well!

Spot the GSW!

Then we had a game of 'Spot The OTL' which means we hide behind a tree trunk and jump out in front of OTL and shout 'Boo'

Holly is getting very good at this and always makes OTL jump!

Then she pretended to be a Tree Creeper, just so OTL would take her photograph, show off!

Look! I'm a Tree Creeper!
Back home to a meal of Chicken and Biscuits plus mug TM and OTL for nibbles from their plate before settling down to watch some television and chew on our teeth cleaning chews!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Now that made me laugh, I had this vision of Eileen sitting on this carpet sweeper flying round the room. It reminded me of Hazel on her witches broom.

  2. Lovely post Daisy ... made me laugh and super pictures from OTL ... Like the Wood Pecker! xxx