Thursday, 23 February 2012


Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here and what a wonderful day!

The sunshine has come out in force today, even Old Two Legs took his big coat off when we went out this morning!

We found some bird watchers out looking at the gulls. OTL wandered up and asked if they had spotted anything interesting, 'Just The Usual' came the reply. Holly thought that they may have spotted a Sea Chicken, so she sat down behind them and asked if she could have a look through their telescope. Trouble was, they didn't understand her and her polite question sounded like 'Woof, woof, woof, WOOOOF?'

OTL knew exactly what she was saying and said that she should try the 'Cute' look and see if that made and difference, but it didn't, they still kept watching the birds and ignored Holly!

How's this for Cute?
In the end Holly got fed up being cute, and polite, so she woofed a raspberry at them and stalked off with her tail in the air!

Look! It's a Sea Chicken!
It was almost like summer, sun good and warm on our backs and even the sniffs seemed a bit stronger in the warm!

Back home for a snooze and some lunch and a play in the caravan. OTL put the new battery in its place and connected up all the bits of wire he had unplugged, switched it all on and tested the satellite dish. Yep! It all worked as it should and then folded down into it's parked position.

Clever old OTL!

However, not so clever OTL wanted to renew his tax disc on line and had to phone up DVLA to ask a question, so, telephone DVLA he did, first of all there was a message saying please listen carefully and choose from five options, so we chose number one, then we got transferred to another message that said please listen carefully and choose from ten options, we chose number three, then we got transferred to another department saying please listen carefully and choose from twenty options, we chose number seven and got transferred to another department saying please listen carefully and choose from fifty options. At this point OTL said something rude and decided to go down the Post Office!

That was OK, except that when he got down there, he had brought the new insurance paperwork that doesn't start until well into next month, so he has to go back tomorrow!

OTL is not a Happy Puppy!

To make him feel better we took him off to The Forest where we went hunting squirrel. We saw a few up in the trees but they wouldn't come down to the ground!

Squirrel Nutkin!
Getting near the end of our walk we came across one squirrel on the ground, unfortunately it looks like he fell off the tree trunk. There was no marks on him and we had a good sniff for any clues but he was dead. That was a shame 'cos we don't mind chasing them but don't like to see them dead.

Poor squirrel!
We told The Missus about it when she got back from baby sitting and she said it was unfortunate but things like that happen, and it's called an accident. Also if we were not careful when crossing the road we could end up like the squirrel!

Must remember that the next time OTL tells us to 'Sit' at the kerb. Look up in case we may get hit by a squirrel falling out of the tree!

Chicken tonight then a cuddle with OTL before fighting Holly for the rawhide chew!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Really good pic of Holly, shame about the Squirrel. Never mind, life goes on. XX

  2. Holly does look cute in her "cute pose", pity about the squirrel. Hope the bird watchers found what they were hoping for.

  3. Poor Squirrel ... yeah yesterday was a super lovely day. You two had a great time. Glad to see you are learning about road safety! ... Sit down,look right,look left,look UP! ...... love from the missus xxx

  4. Please, please take a picture of a sea chicken as I haven't seen one.

    Poor squirrel