Monday, 5 March 2012

Funny Monday!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy & Holly looking for some fun!

You know how we were brought into the house as Guard Dogs, well, last night we made an extra special job of guarding the house.

Around two thirty, Holly heard some funny noises going on next door and thinking it was Burglars, started off with her 'Warning Bark', that normally scares off any Burglars.

This time it didn't, so she starts doing her 'If I have to get out of bed to you, your in deep trouble!' Woof and Bark combination.

That didn't do any good.

So off she sets, down the stairs and up to the front window and starts a terrible woofing and howling and snarling and gnashing of her teeth!

By then I was down with her, joining in the 'Anti Burglar' alarm call.

But the noise carried on.

In one of those pauses for breath, Holly says, 'Here, I think that dustbin lid is making the Burglar Noise!'

So it was! All flapping about in the wind.

'Better not tell Old Two Legs what it was' and I agreed. So back to bed we went and informed OTL we had scared off a big gang of nasty mean looking Burglars!

The Missus was heard to say ' O Yes, we believe that!'

You know, some times I don't think we get the respect we deserve!

OTL took us down The Farm first thing 'cos he had to take his new camera in for a clean up. We ran up and down the path looking for squirrels but didn't see any at all!

I can't see any squirrels at all!
 Which was a little strange 'cos we normally see at least one!

I thought I caught the sniff of one going up the path and told Holly we were 'On The Trail' and she said she was right behind me, which she was, except when I stopped to check the sniff and she bumped into me with her nose!

She was not a Happy Puppy 'cos not long ago I'd had a poo!

I'm right behind you Sis!
We had a 'Discussion' about it but OTL caught us up and told us to 'Get a move on' so we didn't start fighting, which made a change!

After the walk we went on to deliver the camera to the man who cleans them for OTL.

Back home to a good breakfast of Lamb Heart and biscuits then a snooze before our afternoon walk.

This time it was down the Sea Wall and we very nearly didn't get out of the car.

The wind was terrific! It nearly blew us  to the back of the car park!

We spotted a nut taking photo's, as Holly says, there's more nuts than OTL who are daft enough to take photos in a howling gale!

What ISO should I use?

Then OTL spotted some Ringed Plovers who were trying to feed along the shore.

Too Windy For Breakfast!

Holly was getting all excited 'cos she could smell chicken being cooked. She reckons it was coming from a KFC shop on the Southend on Sea seafront!

Mmmm! KFC BBQ Chicken!

That girls got a super sensitive nose where chicken is concerned!

We spent the afternoon snoozing in OTL's office, in our Day Beds. Then we woke up just in time to mug OTL for some of his dinner!

Now how's that for timing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

PS. We heard that Zoe's baby can't make up it's mind on when it wants to be born, it starts and then stops and starts again and stops, well let's face it, she is in a nice warm place, who would want to come out today in this weather!


  1. Better to be safe than sorry with the Burglars and I think you did right. I had to laugh at poor Holly putting her nose up your bottom, servers her right for tailgating.

    What was the photographer taking pictures of, oh I know, you two.

    That poor Plover seemed a bit cold looking for his breakfast.

    Great post and love the one of Holly in the wind, was that to get rid of the smell of your poo I wonder. XX

  2. Lovely story from you today Daisy, I bet Holly will drive a bit slower in future.
    As for KFC in Southend wafting across to you that's priceless, are you sure it wasn't your darling TM having an extra special "cook up" in the new oven?

  3. A big thank you, Daisy and Holly, for saving OTL and me from the wicked Burglars.... but next time can you be a bit quieter about it!! xx

  4. Poor girls just can't get it right can you.

    Holly and chickens I wonder what next