Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's Megan Rose, but does it taste Like Chicken?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Well, we are Not Happy!

After all our hard work yesterday thinking up names for the new baby, what has Auntie Zoe gone and done?

Ignored us and our suggestions!

She is calling the baby Megan Rose!

I don't know what a Megan is, but Rose is a flower, so we are half pleased with that.

The big question is............................does she taste like chicken?

Can Finley have a nibble and tell us?

Super Sunny morning today, The Missus was up very early to watch the racing and Holly, me and Old Two Legs stayed in bed snoozing!

When we all finally got out, we discovered it was sunshine and Balmy People!

Look at these two, they have their fishing rods out but the tide has gone out and won't be back for six hours!

Who Nicked The Sea?
We met up with the closet Sea Gull who really was a Collared Dove but wants to change colour! He also has got a taste for sea weed on the breakwaters!

Closet Sea Gull
Holly found another lump of Egg Sack and had a great time showing off her tricks.

First she worried it, then kicked it along a bit, then she jumped on it and pretended to bite it's head off!

Then she started to kick it along the path and pretended she was Wayne Roony on a good day!

Gawd, you'd would have thought she had won the Cup Final all on her own!

The rest of the day was spent with Old Two Legs choosing his his pictures for his 'Portfolio'.

He's got so many pictures to sort out and so little time!

The whole package should be ready by next month and he has got to print them and mount them all fifteen of them!

Clever old stick he is!

Early to bed tonight all this motor racing has worn us out!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Love, love, love the picture of the numpties and their fishing rods! .... and Holly getting the goal! xx

  2. Ere, that Collared Dove looks like a sea monster with six legs the way the wind has got up his feathers. lol

    What a load of twits those people on the beach were, you should have gone up to them and given a good Woof.

    Tell Holly that Egg sack is the closest she is ever going to get to a Squirrel. XX

  3. Lovely blog Daisy, love the pictures. Keep practising with the egg sack it will help Holly to limber up for the squirrels. Too late for the 2012 Olympics but maybe "2013 Squirrel Hunt".
    My book gives Megan as the Welsh form of Margaret which means Pearl, so there! Don't try to get Finley or Ethan involved in having a taste, she will taste of Yucky Baby, you won't like it.
    Only humans think Yucky Babies are beautiful, you would not understand. Isn't that right Auntie Zoe.

  4. You two just don;t get it, the fishing rods are a ploy to get some sun rays.

    Holly does good as a footballer.