Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Making Sand Castles with Pebbles!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with some strange goings on!

Remember we told you about the big digger that turned up yesterday? Well, today we have found out what they are doing.

First of all the car park was divided in two by the orange fence and when we got to where we normally start our walk, we couldn't!

They had fenced that off as well!

There they were digging up the beach and moving it along to another spot!

Digging it up here!
They had two truck things that were racing up and down the Sea Wall and tipping the pebbles onto another part of the beach!

Sort of 'Levelling the Beach' so Old Two Legs can get up and down the beach!

...and putting it down here!
 We had to go a different route to have our walk and OTL had to keep us on our lead for a while, but it was worth it in the end 'cos we went right up to the Power Station and back again!

OTL was enjoying the walk especially when he saw the Green Woodpecker that he had not seen for a while!

A Green Woody!
 Then he was creeping through the bushes and stopped and started to take pictures, that was until the bird flew away!

It's Him Again!
We think that he is getting better with that Kestrel!

OTL took us out with him and while he was doing the deliveries, we had fun woofing at the people in the office windows!

After all that, off we went to the New Park!

We had fun chasing the ball and had a quick paddle in the Swimming Hole.

We saw a funny sight, at first we thought it was a Sea Monster creeping up on us.......

Sea Monster
Then it surfaced, it was an Under Water Labrador!

Under Water Labrador!
We were mightily impressed with that, just how did he hold his breath that long!

Off we went around the 'Orchard Walk' and Holly and I were doing our 'Road Craft' exercise by sitting on the kerb until OTL said we could go across the road.

Us being Good Girls!
Holly kept on asking OTL to take her picture 'cos she said that she looked 'Good' today!

Looking Good!
 I said that she looked like a Tart!

That's when the fight started!

 When we got home we were absolutely whacked, so we crashed out until dinner time.

Chicken & Biscuits!

So, another super sunny day and loads of fun out with OTL.

The Missus is still playing with her iPad, I think she will be playing with that for ages yet!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (A Tart but Still Looking Good!)


  1. Well what a wonderful post.

    So they are getting ready for the summer and not the Airport, phew, that's a relief.

    Great shot of the Kestrel Magnificent the Green Woodpecker is also very good, well done OTL that's the way to do it, as MR Punch would say.

    And the star of the show is............Holly, beautiful shot, sorry Daisy, you cant be in the limelight all the time XXX

  2. I agree with Mike ... super pictures OTL... Holly you look beautiful! xxx

  3. Holly you are a right show off but lovely with it. Good pictures