Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring is here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

What a super sunny morning again! The Weather Man on the TV says there will be no rain for at least a week!

Now that's OK by us, but Old Two Legs looked at the calender and said that could mean a wet Easter!

He is such a Ray Of Sunshine, sometimes!

I thought I saw Pirates sailing up the Thames this morning and stopped to take a good look.

My 'What The....?' Dance

Holly calls it my 'What The ........? Dance'. She is jealous 'cos she can't stay standing as long as I can.

She keeps falling over!

Well, the pirate ship turned out to be a Tanker on it's way up river.

Holly was wandering along the Wall and sniffed at the branch with the sea weed on it, 'Hey' she says, 'You would have thought this tree would have decided where it wants to be and put roots down by now!'

I'm sure I've seen this before!'

I reckon that the tree was on a 'World Tour' and only stopped here for the Winter and now it was working it's way up North!

A bit later we mugged OTL for some of his lunch and reminded him of his promise to take us to the New Park. So, off we went, in the car, singing our driving songs and blowing raspberry's at the lorry drivers!

We were off chasing our ball as soon as we got there and as it was a warm sunny day, we went to the 'Swimming Hole' to see who was around.

Not Much Further!

It was fun having a paddle and OTL was throwing our ball in the water so I could paddle out to get it.

All of a sudden a big dog came bounding into the water and pinched the ball!  He called himself 'The Phantom Ball Nicker', that was until his owner put him on a lead and took him away!

Phantom Ball Nicker!

That sorted him out!

Finally, OTL threw the ball just a little too far and we lost the ball as it drifted into the deep water where I don't go!

After that we had a long run around the path OTL calls 'The Orchard', it's about two and a half miles around the path and Holly and me were playing 'Chase' and 'Tail Twisting'.

High Speed Tail Grab & Twist!
 We were so worn out we just had to have a sit down half way around!

As we were sitting on the bench OTL took our pictures and showed us what he had taken, I was amazed, my fur had grown and was looking a mess!

Not my best side?

I decided that it was time I had a hair cut and Holly said she looked a bit scruffy as well!

Shampoo & Set needed!

Mind you, that didn't stop Holly getting a kiss from a passing Westie as we headed back to the car!

Holly can be a right Tart sometimes!

Holly The Tart!

I must admit, we slept most of the way back and I've spent most of the evening snoozing as well!

So it's bye bye for now and we'll see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Self Confessed Scruff Bag & A Tart!)


  1. I think you look really sweet sitting in there bench, I wish my Daisy would pose just like you.

    Lovely blog and I dont think you two look that bad. XX

  2. Hyper-link under kiss here
    Nice story

  3. Their are four hyper-link on here that I get

    1. Is it because you have Windows 7? We don't get any hyper-links, do they get in your way?

    2. I don't understand what you mean Trevor ....??????

  4. Lovely pictures, glad you were able to have a paddle again, it's been a long time since I saw you in the water, hope OTL has a collection of balls now that it is warmer. Beautiful pic of you standing, you get to see more that way. A happy story, hear some more soon. xx

  5. Sounds like you had a great day out girl...just a shame OTL lost the ball :) At least you got to have a swim although I bet the water was a bit cold...brrr!!!