Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back Home Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again, home safe and sound!

Last night at the caravan site it was really scary! We had loads of rain, which is no problem, but this time there was gale force winds!

We still had the awning up and although Old Two Legs had put the extra strap over the awning, it still made a load of windy and crashing noises!

Both Holly and I got up on the bed with OTL and cuddled up close to him!

It wasn't until about three in the morning that it started to quieten down and not make so much noise.  OTL made up for it though, he was snoring his head off, even louder than the storm!

By the time morning arrived, it was all sun shine and breezes again!

OTL and The Missus took the awning down and packed it away, together with all the other stuff, ready for our trip home.

Holly and I had a last game of 'Chase' around the camp site and we made as much noise as we could!

Last Run Around The Camp Site!
We said goodbye to all the sheep and lambs and we also said bye bye to the funny smell along the side of the drain ditch!

Bye Bye Funny Smell!

Off we went around midday and soon we were home again!

OTL had to get some stuff out in the afternoon, so off we went with him and afterwards we dropped in to see The Forest.

Hello Again Forest!
We said 'Hello' to the new sniffs and hunted around for squirrels. No squirrels but a couple of new sniffs!

New Sniff!
We also found that there were some Bluebells in flower, so OTL took some pictures.

Hello Bluebells!
He also took a picture of a root ball on a tree that had fallen over many many years ago, OTL said it looked sort of spooky!

Spooky Roots!
We thought it looked like a good place to hide squirrels but after an investigation decided there were none there!

Tonight it will be an early night 'cos we are both tired little puppies and need our sleep!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Glad to be home!)


  1. Welcome home little ones, sorry you had a stormy last night but glad OTL made up for it. We saw bluebells today as well, they are not going to be around for as long this year so we have to make the most of them. Also the magnolia trees are not looking so good now, we didn't see any squirrels either so maybe they knew you were coming home and went and hide. Like the pictures, the root ball especially.

  2. Welcome back you two, and were is my postcard? only kidding. All good things have to come to an end so it's back to the usual swimming pool. What a hard life you two lead.

    Lovely shots as well and tell OTL his Bluebell was better than mine. XX

  3. I like the spooky root, a great shot.

    I am glad you had a good holiday