Sunday, 1 April 2012

Beach Babes R Us!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Digger Daisy & Holey Holly back again!

First of all, a big Woofing Hello to Elaine and Archie, glad to see you have joined our little happy band of woofers!

This is our caravan site, there are some fancy motor homes parked up as well. Old Two Legs keeps looking at them and dribbling 'cos he would really love one that size, or bigger!

This our caravan!
You can guess what we have been doing today, yep, we have been down on the beach again digging holes and chasing the ball and each other!

Are you ready to chase?
We have woofed at the Gulls and some passing dogs that were on their leads and couldn't get to us!

We're not daft!

I started to have a dig on my own, just for a change!

I can smell Rats Here!
 There were two dogs off their leads and they came over to pass the time of day with us. Both were visitors to the beach, just like us.

The first to arrive was Bartholomew, a Dalmatian dog that reminded us of Barney we meet at home., well he was white with spots!
Hello Bartholomew!
We had a chase around and being a big show off dog, he had a wee then dug his claws in and threw it all over the place!

We were not impressed, we had seen a sheep dog do that last year on the Isle of Mull and he was able to make a serious mess all over the place and grumble at the same time. He was really fit!

We dug some more holes and for a game, we put the ball in the hole and pretended it was a rat or a fox and dug it up again!
I can smell a rat too!
Then up came this long haired sheep dog thingy who thought he was the 'Dogs Do Dars' and tried to boss us around!

Back Off Benny!
It didn't work and Holly soon put him in his place! One quick woof in his face and a grumble showed Benny, (that's his name), just where he should stick his snout!

You don't mess with our Holly!

I thought it would be fun if I chased after some gulls but when I got near to the water, the sand gave way to a sort of yucky sand and mud all mixed together.

The Gulls were laughing their beaks off, then flew away, leaving me up to my tummy in Yuk!

Ooops! I'm in the Yuk Again!
I looked a bit of a mess and OTL had to get me into a large pool of water to wash off all the Yucky stuff!

We got back into the car and OTL took us further down the road to Dungeness Beach. We had been here before and although it is stony, the sniffs are super, loads of fishy sniffs and crabs and other shell fish!

Holly just couldn't resist a roll in them!

We found an old boat and we discussed how we could repair it and sail the coastal waters as pirates and smugglers!

A New Boat For Us?

OTL pointed out that it may belong to someone else who may not like us taking it. We did say that they could come along as well but decided to look for a better one with a proper paint job!

In the mean time, Holly says she is going to improve her tan, then proceeded to roll in some more fishy sniffs!

Fish & Sniffs!
Back to the caravan for a snooze in the afternoon 'cos we were both whacked out. This Beach Babe stuff really wears a girl out you know!

Chicken tonight and OTL has got something and salad. More than likely Gammon 'cos we can smell it thawing out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Thank you for the welcome, Archie and I love reading about your adventures and looking at the photos. Enjoy the rest of your break xx

  2. Now come on Daisy OTL might be looking at a caravan but you know as well as I do he would cry at spending that sort of money. LOL

    You look like you are enjoying your break, so keep it up..