Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The bed doesn't rock!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

We woke up this morning and jumped up on the bed to greet Old Two Legs who was still asleep with his head under the covers!

Come on, we said as we both licked his ear, it's time to get up and the room has stopped rocking!

It was strange not to have the caravan rocking in the wind!

We went down to The Sea Wall and were impressed with all that stone shoveling they have been doing, now you can see all of The Sea Wall!

They have been busy with the Digger!
OTL took a picture of the Wind Powered Generators in the estuary and the Old Sea Forts. If they try to build an airport here will they have to move that lot?

New Airport?

We spotted a tent that was used as a shelter for some fishermen who had decided to make a week of fishing. There was no one about, so we reckon they were going to be late for breakfast!

Late for Breakfast!

This afternoon we went back down to The Forest  and I spotted a Squirrel and chased it!

I went everywhere after this squirrel but in the end lost it!

It was here, Honest!

I thought Holly would have helped but she didn't see it and on top of that, she has a 'Troubled Tummy', OTL reckons it was something she picked up on the Dungeness Beach!

We have The Boys over for a few days, so there is always a cuddle if we get sleepy and who knows, they may even come out for a walk along The Sea Wall, if it stops raining!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Glad to here that you are back in your solid bed, no more rocking and rolling.

    The sea wall looks very nice for you to have a run along.

    Hope Holly's tummy is soon better. XX

  2. Hope you enjoy the boys being over, I expect they fuss over you two. That sea front looks very nice, maybe our Daisy would like to see it while it looks so smart.
    Oh how lovely not to "Rock and Roll" in your beds but it must have been nice to get some different smells being on holiday.
    Also poor Holly and that tummy of hers, she does get into the wars, hope it is better real soon. xx

  3. A nice walk for you and the weather was not too bad.

    So those sniffs did not do Holly and good, poor girl.