Sunday, 8 April 2012

Busy Day for OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

This morning we decided that us puppy's were not going to allow Old Two Legs to escape without us, so, first thing this morning, while he was still asleep, we jumped onto the bed and sat on his chest!

That sorted him out!

A good ear licking and a paw on the top of his head told him he wasn't going anywhere without us today!

Even if it was raining!

So, after our morning stroll along the margins of the sheep field we sat in the car while OTL got the empty gas bottle out of the caravan. Half way through cooking dinner last night, the gas went out and The Missus started to panic, silly TM, OTL had it all in hand!

Those gas bottle refills cost a fortune, you could buy a years worth of chews for the price of a bottle of gas!

Then he went into town and got us a new lead 'cos the other one was getting frayed and he didn't want us to snap it!

He also got us a couple of our favourite chews, (Chicken and Rice), just to make up for leaving us yesterday!

Next it is a trip to the Supermarket for The Missus 'cos she needed some stuff.

After all that, we demanded a run on the beach and to make it more fun, TM decided to come down there with us, even if it was a bit chilly!

 Then she tried throwing the ball for us, not very good! In fact she was as bad as Uncle Ian is at kicking the ball!

TM Trying to throw the ball.

 TM threw the ball but it landed in the puddle and OTL made me go in and get it!

Well, she threw it in so She should get it!
Next we played 'Beachers Brook' a sort of running and jumping game.

Beachers Brook!
Holly found an old tree and although we tried, we couldn't throw it back into the sea!

..........and I say it Will Float!
We spent most of the evening watching a DVD, TM fell asleep first, followed by Holly and then me.

Holly fell asleep cuddling OTL's leg 'cos she says it is all warm and soft!

Holly, all warm and cuddly!
Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, got to check the weather forecast in the morning!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. No gas no burnt food!

    It did not rain here much not enough to wet the ground.

    You had a good time and got OTL out of bed, good on you.

  2. Hi ya you two, hope the weather is kind to you today so you can try out your new leads although I do like OTL's clouds.

    I wont comment on the gas I will just stand back and let Trev dig himself a hole.

    Careful jumping over those Groins you might take a tumble and hurt yourselves.

    Have a good day. XX