Thursday, 26 April 2012

OTL's Been Working Again!

Hi All You Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Thursday has been a bit of a nothing day today.

First of all we were woken up too early and made to go walkies far too early in the morning!

The wind was blowing and it felt a little cold as well!

There was nothing much to see, no dogs to play with and all Old Two Legs could manage was a landscape, or should it be a seascape, of a cargo vessel coming in on the morning tide!

Catch the Morning Tide.
All dark and moody, just like us!

We didn't even find any rabbits to chase and when we did find a sniff, we couldn't decide which way it went anyway!

Well I Say It Went In Here!
We got home and almost as soon as we got in the door, OTL was out and running!

Seems like he had a lot to do and couldn't take us with him, which was a real shame 'cos we love going for a drive in the car with him, even if we don't get to go for a walk!

He did say that he would be climbing all over the place inside a building where he keeps his stuff and doggies were not allowed to be in there. So, we forgave him this time!

We spent most of the day snoozing and guarding the house until he came back, then we had another run on The Sea Wall before going back home for some diner.

A cuddle with OTL and bed, that's how to finish the day!

See you tomorrow, OTL has promised a run down The Forest to chase those Pesky Squirrels!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello you two, sorry you had a bit of a nothing day but you can't have adventures all the time or you would be worn out.
    Have a lovely Friday, I will have a look when I come home from work to see how it went. xx

  2. Squirrel day tomorrow, no chance.

    That OTL is working too hard and needs to slow down a bit.

    Have a good Friday and dont worry about the Squirrels they will look after themselves. XX

  3. Oi! I took you both out around the football field to play chase with the ball .... no mention of that I see Daisy!
    Mmmmm.... gonna open a can of 'doggie dins' this morning! xxxx

  4. Poor you, still it will be better today, enjoy