Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday with Old Two Legs.

Hello all you Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

Today The Missus was up really early 'cos today is the day she goes off to her 'Village Crop' when all her local 'Crafty Mates' get to sit in the village hall together and splash the glue pot around and make a big mess everywhere!

I sometimes wonder about them you know!

Old Two Legs and us were off good and early to the Sea Wall. The sun was still low above the horizon and just for a change, no rain!

OTL asked us to stand on the wall so he could take a picture of us in 'Silhouette'. It was fun trying to stand there and not giggle, especially as Holly was blowing raspberries at the same time!

First, here is me.

Daisy in Silhouette
Then there is Holly.

Holly in Silhouette
Now I ask you, who looks better?

Me of course!

I'm slimmer, got a better hair cut and know how to 'Pose' properly!

When I said this to Holly she didn't agree, so we got into a 'Discussion' about it and she kept on about me looking like a 'Bag of Bones' compared to her 'Well Rounded' shape.

I said I was 'Slim' and 'Willowy' and she was 'Short and Dumpy' and her butt was too big!

It was about then that the fight started!

OTL marched us both home and told us to 'Go into the Naughty Corner' which confused us a little 'cos as far as we were concerned, we didn't have a Naughty Corner!

We kept our heads down for a while anyway, just to let him get on with his 'Jobs'.

First of all he gave the central heating system a good clean out and set about with the vacuum cleaner getting rid of all the dust and cob webs!

Then he got the grass cutting thingy wotsit out of the shed and cut down all the grass which was over a foot tall!

It was a shame he did that 'cos now we have no where to hide our chews!

By then it was lunch time and we all had a chat on where we could go, in the end, we decided on The Forest again!

Of course Holly and me went off 'Hunting Squirrel' and every one we found refused to come down and play chase. One even said he thought that we would eat him if he came down.

I taste of Squirrel, not chicken!

Holly promised she wouldn't eat him, unless he tasted of chicken!

I found another but he wouldn't come down either!

Professional Squirrel Hunter!
OTL didn't find any Jay birds to photograph, they all were hiding over the other side of the forest today!

So, no Jays and no Squirrels, so we went home!

It wasn't long before TM came back and showed us six 'Tags' she had made at her 'Crop'. OTL put his foot in in, he asked why she makes so many of these 'Tags' and never uses them on any presents?

She was not pleased and you could tell that by the way she growled at him and snatched the tags back out of his hand!

Never mind, we gave him a cuddle and helped him eat his shortbread!

See you tomorrow, F1 race is on late morning, so OTL has to get his work done before the race starts!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Beautiful silhouette shots

  2. Well you two it's about time you took OTL back to Ore Marsh as the some type of Owl that they are going mad about.
    I got my Kent Wildlife mag yesterday. That Large Egret was only there in December.

    Have fun

  3. You two really made me laugh and tell OTL if he keeps taking the micky out of my tags then 'that's when the fighting starts'!