Sunday, 8 April 2012

A Day on The Beach with OTL!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Good fun today! Old Two Legs was a little late in getting up, so The Missus took us out for our 'Wee Walk' first thing and believe it or not, it was Raining!

OTL was up by the time we got back though, to make up for his late arrival we demanded a walk down the beach!

Well, we had in mind the sandy beach with miles of sand everywhere, but because the tide was in, there would be no sand, just water!

So, off we went to Dungeness Beach, loads of stones but some absolutely heavenly sniffs!

On the way, we saw a Male Pheasant in the field, so OTL slowed the car down to take a picture. What he had not seen was the other male pheasant that was sitting on top of the hedge.

Now if we read the signs, we reckon that the first pheasant had just won a battle for territory or mating rights 'cos the second pheasant looked like it had been dragged through the hedge backwards and the dunked into the ditch full of water!

I mean, he looked Terrible!

I've had better days!
We've not seen a bird looking worse!

OTL wound down the window to get a good shot of both birds, we leapt over to the window and fought each other to get our heads out for a serious woofing session while at the same time OTL was trying to get the camera out the window and the lens to zoom in on the bird!

Look! A Woofin Chicken!
By the time he got to press the button the bird was legging it off on top of the hedge!

We arrived at Dungeness Beach, just in time for the rain to descend onto us!

Not that we worried, there were sniffs to die for and Holly just had to have a roll in them as well!

Sniffs, Sniffs and More Sniffs!
The fishermen looked as miserable as normal, no fish, no warmth and no sandwiches!

Having Fun Mister?
Holly found out about the sandwiches!

We saw some Great Crested Grebe diving for fish in the sea and there were a couple of Turnstone on the beach as well, turning stones and they had a load of stones to turn!

Two Turnstones turning stones on a stony beach!
After that we went over to the Dungeness Bird Observatory, but we didn’t Observe and new birds!

A quick ride in the car got us to the RSPB site at Dungeness and there were loads of notices saying 'No Dogs'! OTL only wanted a wee, so we stayed in the car.

Holly did suggest that we open the car door, run into the RSPB shop and have a tear around the place knocking all the bird books off the shelves!

We decided that may get OTL into trouble, so we stayed in the car and stuck our tongues out at everyone we saw in the car park instead!

OTL took us over the ARC bird site, part of the RSPB but not so many notices AND a Public Footpath. So they can't stop us!

We saw a Little Egret.

Guarding the Nest.
 Then her mate came flying in!

In Coming!
OTL pointed out the Spoonbill, but it was sleeping, (again) so all we saw was a white bird in the distance with its beak under its wing!

Next we stopped for another walk, (off the lead) around the back of the Dungeness Bird Observatory and no, we didn't see any birds there either!

Back to the caravan and we crashed out, totally whacked, running over all those stones sure does wear a puppy out!

Liver tonight and some of OTL's lamb steak!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but it will involve taking the awning down 'cos we are going home on Tuesday but we may get a last run on the beach if we're lucky!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Now look you two, if your not careful OTL will leave you at the camp site next time. What's all this Woofing out of the window at so called Chicken, there Pheasants, dont you two know anything!

    Enjoy your last day at the site, all good things have to come to an end. Look on the bright side, Barney is waiting for you at home. XX

  2. We will be calling you two short legs if you keep running on stones, you will have stumpy legs.

    Nice Egret picture.