Friday, 18 May 2012

Birds and a bit of sunshine.

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a bright Friday!

We were up good and early this morning, we woke The Missus up and then tried to wake up Old Two Legs.

TM is no problem but OTL? No way! Talk about snooze champion, he didn't even move when we gave his ear a lick, nor did he move when Holly stood on his back and licked his bald patch!

We went on our morning walk along The Sea Wall, OTL was interested in a Kestrel that was hovering over the path, looking for it's breakfast!

Here Mousy Mousy!
It was zooming up and down the path but we never saw it catch anything!

Do doggy's taste like Mouse?
He looked so sad not catching anything but Holly got a bit worried when he shouted down and asked if we tasted like Mouse!

On the shore we found a huge log that had been floating on the sea and landed up at the high tide mark. It was so heavy we couldn't move it at all!

Big Wooden Pole!
The run down The Forest was super, we went hunting squirrel again but as normal, all we did was see the rotten little things!

Can You See It?
OTL caught sight of a bird dancing about in the trees and he stood for five minutes before identifying it as a Great Tit!

Not The Most Exciting Bird!
 Back home for some dinner and then a cuddle with OTL and a snooze before going to bed!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. OTL got a nice Kestrel, better then your luck with Squirrels.

    I get quite excited about Great Tits Lol

    Opps sorry this is a family blog. XX

  2. Still no hat, your fired.