Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Damp Day.

Hi Ho Woofers!

A Damp Daisy & Holly here again!

It is May, sun shine and warm weather, building sand castles on the beach, sun bathing in the garden.

In your dreams!

It was cold, damp, rainy and wet under paw this morning, we were not looking forward to our run out.

We've had better Weather!
Old Two Legs got all excited 'cos he saw his first Swift this year, it was flying low and fast and the picture he got was Terrible, but we went Ooo and Ahhhh! when he showed us, well, he seemed excited and we didn't want to upset him!

OTL's Swift

We carried on along the Sea Wall, sniffin the sniffs, when in the distance we heard 'Hellooooooo Girlies'   'What's That?' said Holly without raising her nose from a fishy sniff. I looked up and then along the Sea Wall and saw Barney racing along towards us!

'Hellooooooo Girlies'
'Hellooo Girls!' He called out again as he got close, 'Terrible Weather Today!' then he bounded past us and gave OTL a big Hello welcome.

Hello OTL!
It wasn't long before his owners arrived and they had a chat with OTL.

Barney and us had a game of 'Chase The Ball' which he won mostly, but some times Holly or I got to it first and had fun being chased by Barney!

Holly Got It This Time!
Well, it was his ball!

Back home to a super breakfast of Lambs Heart and biscuits followed by a snooze in OTLs office where we keep our Day Beds!

Lunch time came and off we went again to The Sea Wall, no chance of getting the rabbits and again it was raining, that sort of damp misty rain that seeps into your coat and makes your ears all wet and cold!

Back home as soon as possible and back to our beds!

OTL was back working as well and we spent the afternoon snoozing and mugging The Missus for some of her late lunch!

This evening we are going to mug OTL for some of his shortbread and maybe even get him to let us have some Chicken Fillets that were meant for our holiday that has been cancelled because of rain!

We're getting fed up with all this wet stuff!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Sotty I have not been about, please forgive me.

    Love the Barney shots and your lovely blog, need to get out today.xx

  2. Must use computer for comments, Ipad no good.xx