Friday, 25 May 2012

A Hard Days Work!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have been enjoying the sun today, on our walk this morning, the wind was blowing in off to sea, so it was a bit cool but at least there was no mist!

We saw what looked like a Green Finch on top of a bush singing it's head off!

Summer Green Finch
Then we heard a load of barking that sounded like a couple of dogs were having a great time!

In The Yuk!
We spotted them racing through the mud!

Holly reckons that they will have to have a hose down when they got home!

We spotted a Wormy man out on the mud flats digging, he was all on his own and the tide had turned, so he didn't have long to get back to shore!

There's a Wormy Man!
We headed back for home and spent some time helping Old Two Legs with the pond.

OTL was loading up the barrow and we were trying the pond out for size!

Well, it's deep enough to swim in!
 Poor OTL, he finished taking all the earth out the front of the house but the skip man hadn't delivered the last two skips yet, so he couldn't load any more earth.

Holly said it would be a good idea for us to go for an early walk!

So we did!

Which was good 'cos we saw some pirates sailing their ship out of the River Medway!

Holly said they were off for an adventure on the High Seas robbing ships and smuggling stuff!

Pirates of The River Medway!

It looked a super pirate ship and Holly said that she would like one just like that if she came into some money!

OTL had to go out in the afternoon to do some deliveries and we tagged along, so, being close to The Farm, we went to catch up on all the sniffs!

It was hot, we were running and chasing each other through the trees and across the fields. In fact it was so hot we just had to have a sit down for five minutes in the shade!

Just five minutes break please!
OTL took advantage of us and started to snap away at some pretty yellow buttercup type of flowers.

Well, it made a change from Bluebells!

Wot! No Bluebells?
Back home for a well earned rest this afternoon, even OTL had a snooze!

Tomorrow it is OTL's job to load up the skips and then take us out for an adventure, providing he doesn't collapse!

Bye bye for now, The Missus has just called out that dinner is ready!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Are you going to bury that Carrot in the Pond Holly? XX

  2. That wormy man was a long way out.
    I love the pirate ship