Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday, Sunshine & F1 Racing

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Surprise, Surprise! The Missus came with us for our morning stroll along The Sea Wall!

The sun was out and it a super stroll along the beach sniffin all the sea sniffs!

We found a whelk egg sack and had a game of chase. Then we saw Mr Corvid out looking for his breakfast.

As we turned for home, who should we see in the distance? Yep! It's Barney, so this time it was our turn to call out 'Hellooooooooo Barney!!'

We had a good time chasing the ball that he had brought with him, it was a brand new one that had not been chewed, so it tasted good as well!

Because Barney can run faster that us we demanded a head start but in the end it didn't do us much good 'cos the sight of him tearing towards us was enough to make us drop the ball!

Gissa the ball Barney!
Holly didn't do much better, she kept on dropping it as well!

Holly & Barney!
Barney started to be crafty as well by running ahead of the ball, before Old Two Legs had thrown it!

Sometimes Barney had to brake hard to get the ball!

Hey! Here comes the Ball!
We said good bye and Holly started to chase Mr Corvid along the path, just for fun!

Mr Corvid makes an escape!
We got back home and had a good snooze in the garden. We were waiting for OTL to start digging the hole for the pond but he decided to have a day off the digging, so Holly buried one of her chews in the pond instead!

After lunch we went on the New Walk, the one near to the Container Docks.

Container Docks.
Holly found a bit of a Seagull on the ground, it turned out to be a wing and Holly said that it was too salty for her and that she preferred chicken anyway!

Well, it ain't Chicken!
OTL found some more fungi and a flower he had not seen before!

More Fungi!
He said he would have a look in his Flower Books to find out it's name.

Dunno its Name!
Back home for a lazy afternoon watching the F1 racing and snoozing, in fact, a super way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon.

Tonight I think we will mug some shortbread from OTL before cuddling up and having a snooze before we go to bed.  Well, you don't want to go to bed tired, you miss all the noises outside the windows if you sleep too deeply and you can't wake everyone up to tell them about the noises!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. You've certainly been having fun! Tell OTL, if he hasn't found out already, that the plant is a vetch. I remember it from nature study classes when I was at school too many years ago :0)

  2. Yo PeeJay!

    Thanks for that, we have had a look in the book after reading you comment and worked out it may be the Common Vetch!

    We have one up on OTL now!

    We may even go and wake him up to tell him what it is!

    Bye bye for now.


    Daisy & Holly

  3. Another great day and a bounce around with Barney.

    Keep burying those chews Holly XX

  4. Your in trouble, when TM see's that PS that just happened to get in the picture.

    I love that Barney