Monday, 28 May 2012

Thunder and Sun Shine!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

What a day I've had!

First of all we had a run on The Sea Wall, super sun shine, blue sky and balmy breezes!

We met up with Bella who wanted to have a run around type of game.

Hey! Wanna Play Chase?
So we had a chase around, which was good fun 'cos Bella is about our size so we were not intimidated!

Then Bella showed us some of her 'Tricks'. The best one was...............

Look! I can play Dead!
Why she would want to play dead was beyond us, Holly said that maybe her owners taught her that just to keep her quiet sometimes!

Shortly after we left her we heard 'It's Meeeeeeee!'

Here comes Barney!
We had a good game with Barney, we chased the ball and Old Two Legs kept on throwing it for us. Once I even got it and ran back to OTL with it, just like a retriever type dog!

Look! I Got It First!
OTL kept throwing the ball and we were back and forwards with it, having a good time. The only problem was, it was just TOO HOT!

In the end we just had to have a lay down for a breather, Barney more than us needed a rest!

No Please, Please No More, I'm Bushed!
Now that was a first, Barney almost worn out!

After leaving Barney we went back to the car and off to The Vet!

The vet had a look at my eye and decided it was an infection rather than a scratch or bit of plant seed like last time.

This vet was the same one that stuck that big drain pipe of a needle in me when I got 'Chipped', so, I wasn't having him near me!

OTL had to hold me still and have a look in my eye while the vet looked at the same time.

He had to put some drops into my eye and it took OTL to hold me and a nurse to hold my head before any drops went into my eye!

Pretty soon we were out of there, OTL put us in the car and went back to pay the bill.

He came out with a small bottle of eye drops for me and a vet bill in the other hand and yes, he was crying!

He had to put two of these drops in my eye four times a day, they are cold and I do squirm a bit but they go in in the end!

This afternoon we went down to The Forest again and had a walk around looking for squirrels but all we saw was this rook, looking all mean and Showy Off!

Who Are You Looking At?
Late this afternoon we went with OTL down to the town to post off some stuff for his customers. It changed from sun shine to dark clouds and then there started all this flashing and banging. OTL said it was a thunder storm but Holly said it was more like those nasty 'Flash Bangs' that scare her. So she sat on the arm rest and cuddled up to OTL's shoulder, just to feel safe!

We are off for an early night 'cos tomorrow OTL has a busy day and he says he needs his 'Beauty Sleep' but we think he is joking 'cos it will take more that a good sleep to sort him out!

Any way, he has to try to get the drops in my eye!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. That Barney sure is a funny doggie .... That tongue of his is a mile long !!!

  2. BTW... OTL is gonna teach you two to play dead .. get some peace then xx

  3. Barney's tongue really cracks me up as Eileen says, mega long.

    Those Flash bangs were over Trevor's house, he had loads of rain poor Trev.

    We went to London and had sunshine wall to wall, so much so that I will have to do a blog tomorrow, I'm knackered after walking around all day. XX

  4. Now come on Daisy don't be such a baby, cold eye drops are nice and refreshing which is why I keep mine in the fridge.

    Yes it was hot when I took Mike and Sue to the station for their trip to London.

    That was first to see Barney all laid out, poor Barney.

    That storm dropped 9.5mm of rain in 40 minutes over here and at one time was falling at 28mm an hour.

    Nice story Daisy.