Sunday, 6 May 2012

We Wish To Register A Complaint!

Hi Woofers!

Damp Daisy & Dripping Holly!

It's Wet Again!

I don't know what has gone wrong with the weather, but let's face it, IT'S MAY!

We should be having sunshine and balmy breezes, warm evenings and bright fresh mornings!

What have we got?

 Cold Paws, Wet Tails, Soggy Bellies, Damp Noses!

Holly and me are going to complain to the weather men and get them to send us some sun shine!

Even the Kestrel was complaining about the rain, seems that it washes away the tell tale tracks the voles leave as they run along their little ally ways.

It's The Kestrel Again!
Old Two Legs couldn't get in front of the Kestrel, so he had to sneak up behind him!

OTL can be sneaky like that sometimes!

Back home we got a good towel down and a super brush before diving off to our Day Bed for a snooze before lunch!

OTL decided that come Rain or Shine he was going to get down The Forest again, he wanted to go to Canterbury Marshes but it would have been too 'Quaggy' underfoot and he would have been spending all his time slipping over in the mud!

So, after lunch, we got our rain coats and a fresh towel and headed off to The Forest.

First thing OTL did was to start taking pictures of the woodland flowers, boring or wot!

Woodland Flowers, Again!
 He just can't think of anything original!

Holly and I went off chasing Squirrels, far more interesting and a bit more exercise!

I See One!
All of a sudden, OTL went into 'Stalking Mode' and proceeded to creep along, hiding behind trees and under branches, keeping his camera up to his face. (Well it hides the bald head and white cheeks!)

Then, crouching down, he sneaked alongside some bushes and hid behind a tree trunk.

Then he pointed his camera up to the top of a very big tree and..........took a picture of a Cuckoo!

Cuckoo in the tree top!
Not the best shot we have ever seen but good enough for proof of sighting!

While OTL was looking for more birds, Holly and I spotted someone walking towards us.

There, in the middle of the path, looking all mean and hungry, stood three Rottweilers!

I mean, they were big, like ENORMOUS!

Scary Or Wot!

OTL hurried us on towards the car and away from them, they looked too hungry for my liking!

Back home for a good rub down to get rid of the mud and a cuddle with OTL while mugging some of his Shortbread!

The best bit is that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, so claws crossed, the weather may be better and we could get down to the Marshes!

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. I blame that Michael Fish, mind you he has the right name for this climate.

    I woz going to the Sweeps Festival but at 7 degrees I thought better of it and stayed in the warm and turned the heating up.

    OTL is going back to nature Daisy, nice Kestrel shame about the Rottweilers. XXX

  2. This is why we talk about the weather all the time, never predictable, never an expected day just dull and damp! Ah well, we keep saying "Maybe tomorrow", poor squirrels must be water logged while at least you two have dry towels and shortbread. xx