Monday, 18 June 2012

Gentle Monday.

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here!

We love Mondays, they are just like Sundays but not so many people on The Sea Wall. Just a fisherman or two and the Wormy Men out on the mud!

We were looking on the TV at the weather report and they were forecasting rain for us to day, well what they said was 'Sun with some occasional rain showers', which, when translated into real language reads, Rain Storms, Floods, Plagues of Locust and in the afternoon, Changeable'!

So, out we went all expecting to get washed off the face of the earth and what did we get?

Sunshine and some Clouds!

This mornings weather!
No rain, no storms, just pleasant breezes and smiles from every one we met!

We spotted a boat being chased by an Under Sea Monster, Holly said that it was slowly catching the boat but I wasn't so sure!

It's Behind You!
Then we spotted some helicopters flying overhead. Holly played a joke on Old Two Legs by calling out 'Look! Dragonflies!'

Look Dragonflies!
We stalked a Two Legs who was walking along eating a sandwich, I ran up and went WOOF! expecting him to drop it and Holly was ready to rush in and grab it.

OK, Get Ready to WOOF!
I went WOOF! and he ignored me as though he was deaf!

We had a little rest, just to look at the sea and watch the ships go by when I felt a bug walking through my fur, just under my tail!

Me, doing 'The Stare'!

I wasn't having that, so I gave him 'The Stare' and then smacked it with my paw!

You know, it just carried on walking! Tough things these Beetle type bugs!

We carried on watching the world go by and OTL moved down the wall a bit, just in front of the bug, so, we watched it to see what would happen and yes, it started to crawl up OTL's leg!

OMG! It's Going Up His Leg!
Then it disappeared! Now we don't know where it went to, maybe OTL will find it later!

Holly spotted some flowers that she said, looked like those Whiz Bangs they set off in November. You can see it burning down the flower fuse and the petal things are the sparks!

Holly's Whiz Bang Flower.
 Holly said that she was going to get her own back on the Whiz Bangs, so she wee'd on the flower!

Take That!

It's good when you can get your own back!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Oooo you two are sooo naughty ... fancy trying to nick that two legs sandwich! and laughing at OTL and the bug !! ... Mmmm ... yeah that is funny! xx

  2. Changeable them weathermen ain't got a clue!

    So the fishermen didn't tell you to woof off today then, or the wormy men. You must be in there good books then?

    Love the cloud shots but don't tell OTL or his head will explode..

    Jumped in the fishpond yet, oh sorry the plant pond.XX

  3. I love the last one of you two, its great. That sounds like Tony the tiger.

  4. That sea monster is BIG WOT

  5. Sunday you showes a Barge with a Rotary International symbol in the sail. I am pleased to report that it is the Cambria, a training Barge supported by the Rotary to take people out on the river. The Barge is mored at Greenhithe.