Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Off to Work with OTL!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have had a busy day today, first of all there was our walk along The Sea Wall, keeping an eye of what is going on!

Keeping The Sea Wall Safe!

Then there is the 'Spotting Strange Movements' along the beach.

Then there is the 'Keeping Everyone In Order' especially the Starlings on the beach!

Oi! What are you doing down there?

After all that and just in case you think we spend most of the day asleep in our 'Day Beds', we went off to work with Old Two Legs!

We had an exciting afternoon guarding the car from all those men in the yard who kept coming up and going 'Oooo! aren't they Sweet?'

OTL was not allowed to take photo's, so you will have to close your eyes and imagine!

Well, we woofed them men away and kept OTL's tools safe and made sure the car was not messed about with!

We know how to sort that lot out!

Just for a treat, OTL took us for a run through the forest on our way down to work and then a run around The Farm on the way back!

We got in this evening and now are tired and hungry puppy's.

So, we have wolfed down a good half a tin of Doggy Scoff plus mugged OTL for some of his dinner as well!

The rest of the evening has been spent snoozing on the sofa!

A well earned rest after a hard day!

Holly's 'Sore Paw' is getting better and she is not limping so much now. She reckons that like Archie, we will soon have frogs in the pond, but she wants to know if they taste like chicken!

See you tomorrow!

We think The Missus is coming back tomorrow evening, that should be loads of fun, serious licking time!


Daisy & Holly (Ace Guard Dogs!)


  1. Archie isn't sure what they taste like ...... he gave one a lick this evening and it hopped away before he could get a second lick ...... sorry girls ..... when he finds a brave one that will let him lick it twice he'll let you know how they taste ..... I don't think he thinks they taste good enough to eat though :)

  2. Good girls keeping guard on OTL's tools.

    Glad TM is coming back the you will have so much fuss Holly will forget about her paw. XX

  3. I really miss you girls !!
    TM xxxx

  4. Well now, you are in luck girls as she misses you but never mentioned missing OTL, ah poor OTL you will have to give him extra hugs and licks.
    You are really good Guard Dogs, I think you deserve medals, everywhere you go is so protected, you deserve a nice chicken dinner. xx