Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Pond is Finished!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

First of all, a Big Welcome Lick to Kathryn and her five Pussy Cats who have joined our merry band. The lick is for Kathryn only, we don't fancy licking cats, Yuk!

Being a 'Follower' of our blog gets you cats 'Protection' from being chased if we ever catch you out. Just say the password and you will get a 'Safe Passage'!

The password is 'Chicken', now don't tell anyone this very secret password!

We went for our walk on The Sea Wall and came across a 'Super Beach Sniff' it was sort of shell fish and sausages, if you know what we mean!

A Super Beach Sniff!
We saw a rain cloud that was going away, we like it when the rain goes away especially when we keep dry!

Bye Bye Rain!
Holly was having a sniff along The Sea Wall when she heard 'Hello Doggy!'

Here, Wots This?

She looked up to see a young lad heading her way with a thing in his hands that protected him from getting wet when it rains.

Hello Doggy!
We asked Old Two Legs if we could have one, the umbrella thing, not the boy!

Then we saw a boat out in the estuary, I said it was a Fishing Boat and Holly said that it was a Ferry but OTL said it was a Border Agency Boat, which is a new name for the Customs and they guard against Smugglers!

On Guard against Squirrel Smugglers!
Back home we helped OTL finish off the pond, first he had to dig some more earth out and then spread some of those rocks around to make it look pretty and also a place where the birds can have a bath or a drink.

The Pond through a Fish Eye Lens.
We have been looking for insects but there is no sign of them yet, so, while we wait for the insects we will just have to watch the birds.

OK, where are the Ducks?
Do you think we will get any ducks coming in for a swim?

Holly says I should have a go but it looks too deep for me!

Now all OTL has to do is finish the rest of the garden and get the bird feeders back up!

We will have a word with him tomorrow and see what he has planned for Monday!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hey you two, thank you for your cat protection and the licks, alfie the oldest sends her thanks as shes not so quick on her paws any more :) lol looks like you have had a fabby day on the beach x your new pond is coming on a treat tell OHL to get a move on ha ha xxx
    Lots of love xxx

  2. Like the new pond Daisy, it looks rather inviting. Have you tried it out yet? Go on you know you want to.XXX

  3. It's too deep Mike for Holly because she is a wimp when it comes to water, now Daisy on the other hand.......