Monday, 4 June 2012

Sandy Beaches, Baby Rabbits and Flappy Things!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back on Day Four of our holiday!

Last night it rained and it rained and it woke us up! So, we woke Old Two Legs up with a Big Lick on The Ear!

Then, just to make sure, we did the same to The Missus!

We had our walk around the field with OTL and guess what, we found a rabbit warren with babies in it!

We were having our normal sniff and a wee when we came across this up turned trough that the sheep get their sheep pellet supplements from.

We had a sniff and got a strong scent of Rabbit! In fact it was a massive sniff of rabbit, loads of rabbit with little bits of rabbit!

OTL decided to have a look at what we were going potty about, and he lifted edge of the feeding trough and saw a 'Nest' of baby rabbits! They were all hairy and were very young! We wanted to have a game with them, you know, 'Chase' and 'Bite Your Tail'!

OTL put the trough back PDQ and told us to move away 'cos we might upset them or their mother if she was close!

As if we would scare a Rabbit!

So, for the rest of the day, I kept on whimpering to go out for a wee and headed straight towards the baby rabbits!

In the end, we got told off for whimpering and whining!

OTL took us out at lunch time and we went down the sandy beach again, we ran up and down the beach but because the tide was in, there was not too much sand!

Narrow Bit of Sandy Beach!
We saw in the distance some 'Flappy Birds' as Holly called them. Holly was not too sure about these Flappy things and she stayed close to OTL!

Look! Flappy Birdy Things!
Then we saw a 'Real Bird' hovering over the dunes and Holly said she didn't mind real birds, it was the other things she was not too happy with!

A Real Flappy Bird!
Then we came across some 'Flappy Birds' on the ground and they had stones on them to stop them flying away! Holly said we had better not tell OTL about that or he may use that on us when he gets fed up saying 'Sit' and 'Stay'!

Sit and Stay!
We saw one Two Legs having a fight with his 'Flappy Bird' 'cos it wouldn't fly but rather wanted to sit on the ground all day!

Sit Down!
 It was fun watching them trying to control the 'Flappy Birds' mind you, they did look all pretty in their bright colours!

Bright Colours!
Finally one fell to the ground and wouldn't get up again, so the Two Legs had to go and pick it up!

Get Up Flappy Bird Thingy!
The afternoon has been fun, mugging OTL for some nibbles and then getting TM to take us out to the field to say 'Hello' to the rabbits, trouble was, she wouldn't let us near the rabbits!

So we showed off!

This evening we are going to mug OTL for the last of his shortbread and maybe even some of his Cheese Straws!

Tomorrow we are heading home, so, look out for us on the road woofing at the truck drivers!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

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  1. Love the "Flappy Birds" Daisy. Glad to all had a good time despite of the rain.

    Safe journey home. XX