Saturday, 28 July 2012

Saturday and OTL has been working!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

It has been a very lazy day today, well for Holly and me it has! Old Two Legs took us out first thing this morning and do you know, we didn't see anyone!

Well no one alive that is!

Holly found a dead rodent of some description and had a good roll on it until OTL came and chased her away!

Then on The Sea Wall there was a dead crab. We could tell it was dead 'cos it had lost one of its big claws and it smelt a bit off!

Crab with a headache!
As there was no one about Holly and I had a practise of our 100m Sprint, I won of course but Holly is getting faster with all the training she has been doing!

!00m Sprint.
Talking of the Olympics, did you see the opening last night? We did, it was brilliant, well most of it was. We thought it great that The Queen got into the run up, super, it shows she has a sense of humour!

That Olympic torch was just amazing, I mean, the shot from the centre looking up to the sky was a super picture!

It took a bit to get into what the story was about but once we knew what was going on we could follow it. Mr Bean was good, very funny and even The Missus was laughing.

We thought it was a great twist on the lighting of The Flame, famous sports people giving the torches to 'Unknown' young athletes to light the flame. That is the theme of the games, The Future!

You can tell that 'cos some of the expected medal winners have blown out.

We lost out on the road race cycling and that multi medal winning man from U.S.A. both go home without a medal today!

We're off now to watch some more.

By the way, OTL has spent all day, from ten thirty until five thirty, cleaning both cars and the caravan, poor OTL, he forgot to put his hat on and now has a red head, in fact, he looks like he has a head sized pimple on his shoulders!

That will teach him!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Well I dont know who I felt more sorry for OTL of the Crab.
    Good job the hose pipe ban has been lifted with all that water OTL has been using.
    Yes loved the opening ceremony but my fav woz the ring being made and then joined to the other four, amazing.
    Come on holly you can beat Daisy and get the Gold. XXX

  2. Sounds as though you had a good old splashy day and now all the fleet are clean and sparkling, you two stayed dry and OTL managed a red head. All in all a day of results, not for Team GB though! I never knew there were so many countries and some that I had never heard of, very surprised that it was really the Queen (except for the helicopter jump).

  3. Yeah....very busy day for OTL .. the Caravan looks all sparkly now... shame about his head!

  4. Poor OTL, now I really do feel sorry for him as I did the same back in March. He must remember to put a hat on.

    Poor crab didn't even get to a dinner plate.

    Yes it is quiet and it is nice to go shopping. I am staying away from the TV for about a month and only coming back when the programmes get back to normal.