Friday, 20 July 2012

Snoozy Day today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

Holly has got an upset tummy, we can tell that 'cos she has been to poo four times today and she has been eating grass.

Old Two Legs has had to wash her backside after every walk and as Holly says, if he keeps on washing her backside it will either shrink or the colours will fade!

On our run down on The Sea Wall we came across a slug but this one was a Brown Slug.

Normally we see the Black Slug, so a brown one is a little unusual!

Arion rufus
OTL said that they are sometime thought of as being the same family as the Black Slug and the colour varies but other 'Experts' say that the Brown Slug should be considered as a separate species and called Arion rufus!

Holly and I sat there listening to OTL pretending we were seriously interested and trying not to fall asleep. Then Holly spoilt it all by announcing that she wanted another poo and dived off into the grass with OTL chasing after her with a Poo Bag!

Towards the end of our walk a Labrador we know came crashing through the grass to say 'Hello'

'Look' said Holly 'A Labrador Rufus!'

At that point even OTL started to laugh!

A Non Black Labrador Rufus!
We spent most of the day snoozing either in the office with OTL or down stairs while The Missus was watching the F1 practice sessions, it's easy to fall asleep when they are racing around, I'm sure it is the sound of the engines as they buzz around the track, a sort of lullaby in Horse Power!

Tomorrow TM is off to her 'Crop' in the village hall, so with a bit of luck, we may get an adventure with OTL, providing the sun is shining!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hello Girls, wots all this with a poo. To much information I say, poor Holly.
    The sun will shine tomorrow, I hope.
    Take it easy tomorrow Holly and watch the motor racing.
    Not keen on the slug uck!! XX

  2. Get well soon Holly, I don't think her bottom will shrink no matter how many times OTL washes it, not a way to loose weight or humans would have discovered first. Have a nice F1 lullaby tomorrow and then enjoy the sunshine, the rain is moving to Scotland. xx

  3. Poor old Holly ... off her grub ... must be bad!!