Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Too Hot To Train!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

It's been another hot day today, first thing this morning we were walking along The Sea Wall trying to decide which sport we should practise this morning when we met up with Dave, a Westie who just loves a scamper about. He doesn't do the serious running like wot we do, so we have to be gentle with him!

Hello Dave! Wanna Scamper?
By the time we had finished it was too late to do any training so we spent the morning sleeping in the sun, in our beds, on Old Two Leg's bed, on the sofa, under the table and at the top of the stairs, well we get bored with just one snoozing spot!

Lunch time came and we mugged OTL for a nibble then we set off to do some deliveries and take stuff to the carriers, then................................The New Park!

Come on, the waters this way!
Guess where I was heading off to!

Yep! straight into the Swimming Hole! 

There was my mate Arthur there already, he was having a splash about chasing his tennis ball. I managed to push my ball out too far so he said he would get it for me, trouble was, he tried to show off and get both balls at the same time!

Well done Arthur!
In the end he came back with mine first, good old Arthur!

We went for a run around to get dry, well I had a run and Holly just ambled along, she said it was too hot to run!

We got to the Teepee and decided to have a rest.

A place in the shade!
Holly told OTL that the swimming hole was fun but we had too much hair for this weather and it was making us too hot to run!

It's just too hot out there!
I had to agree with her, so, no more running, just a slow walk back to the car for a drink!

Yeh, too hot for me as well!
We passed some rooks up in the tree and they were calling out to us to 'Roll Over and Die'!

Holly shouted back that they would get into trouble if they kept on like that.

Then one explained that they were playing at being Vultures and were on the look out for lions who had finished with an antelope!

Pretend Vultures.
Holly said that they should find a better game to play as people would get the wrong impression of rooks!

Back home to a snooze in the shade until OTL gets dinner, then we will mug him for a nibble!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi girls, I would have thought you would have stayed at the watering hole all day as it woz so hot.
    And yes I have just fell in to what the Tee Pee is.
    I just love the close ups of you two, smashing. XX

  2. Lovely photos of you two, you are getting more gorgeous as you get older. (Got any spare shortbread?. Yes it must be very hot in those fur coats but I bet the water felt nice and Arthur was so kind to get your ball. Training must wait a while, it is good to rest. Have fun. xx

  3. You can't snooze if you are in training!

    Nice pictures of you.