Friday, 17 August 2012

An All Night Gale!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here again!

Hey Archie, now the boss is away you can really get some fun going!

We thought that we were going to get blown away last night. It started in the evening with some more of this Horizontal Rain that seems to be the only type of rain they have up here! Then it started to blow, I mean really blow, like a Hurricane that Holly was talking about yesterday!

Well, it didn't stop until this morning about seven. All night long it was rocking and rolling the caravan about, The Missus was jumping about in the bed 'cos she couldn't get to sleep, Old Two Legs was moving about trying to get out of TM's way and poor us were kicked about all over the bed by TM, so none of us got any sleep!

You know, in the end Holly and I had to go back to our own bed for some sleep!

In the morning we found out that four tents were wrecked, just thrown in the dustbin and the campers have gone off to find a Bed & Breakfast to finish the holiday!

We were OK 'cos OTL never did get around to putting the awning up, so we suffered just a little loss of sleep!

Looking for Shipwrecks!
 Holly and I were out early looking for shipwrecks on our beach but as hard as we tried, we couldn't find even one!

So, I decided to go in for a paddle instead of a swim 'cos Holly had found a new sniff and I didn't want to miss out!

A Little Paddle Today!
We did a thorough search of the beach in case there were any stuff washed overboard from the ships last night but again, other than an old bean can, there was nothing, so we stood to attention in our best Nautical Fashion and declared it to be a 'Disaster Free Zone'!

Nautical Us!
Off we went with OTL and TM to Bowmore to do some shopping, well TM did and we went off to the beach with OTL to see what we could find!

Well, we found a couple of men sitting by the wall with a big bag of beer cans and they were enjoying themselves waiting for the distillery to open, well that's what OTL said!

Waiting for the doors to open!
 Our next stop was the beach just up the road from the camp site, we had loads of fun hunting rabbit in the gorse bushes!

Here Bunnies!
Then we went looking for crabs among the rocks and in the rock pools but all we could find were small velvet crabs that are unsociable 'cos they never say hello when we call out to them!

Among the Rocks!
 Later in the afternoon we went off with OTL to a place called Portnahaven which had a light house on the big island across from the harbour.

OTL pointed out the rain storm that was coming in behind it, well we could have told him that 'cos we sniffed it before we even saw it!

Us dogs have very sensitive noses you know!

There's a storm coming!
 Well, after all that running about today, Holly and me were both worn out, Holly fell asleep straight after dinner and didn't wake up again until OTL got his shortbread out!

Do I sniff Shortbread?
See you all tomorrow, we are off to do some running through the forest with TM & OTL, providing it doesn't rain!


McDaisy & Mac Holly


  1. Hi girls, bet you are tired tonight after all that rocking and rolling in the caravan. Shame about the other holiday makers tents, bet they weren't happy.
    Love the scenery up there it looks fantastic and you two seem to be enjoying yourself's.
    Keep nicking the shortbread. XXX

  2. You are the star of this show but back news for you. It is going up to 30c this weekend here.

    Have fun