Monday, 27 August 2012

Even Nelson was Sea Sick!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

What a tale we have for you today, no pictures I'm afraid but let me tell you the tale.

Last night after uploading the blog, we all settled down to watch a bit of TV but the wind started to blow, and it blew and it blew. In fact it was so blowy that Old Two Legs put the satellite dish down before the wind could do any damage.

All night long the wind blew and no one slept. The caravan was being rocked from side to side and the wind was trying to get into every nook or cranny of the van.

None of us slept a wink!

Four thirty came and the alarm went off for us all to get up and head off to the ferry in Port Ellen.

It took us an hour to get there and all the way there the car and caravan was being blown from one side of the road to the other!

When we got to the port, the ferry was already there and even in the port you could see it was rocking with the wind.

On board, we headed up to the top deck where us doggies were allowed to be and settled down in our bed.

The boat left the harbour and Holly and me decided to catch up on our sleep.

The captain came on over the loud speaker system and told us all where the 'Muster Stations' were in case of trouble then said that there may be a little 'Motion' 'cos the wind was blowing a bit.

Blowing a bit!

Let me tell you, every one was sea sick, that boat was bouncing around like a cork in the water. I looked out of the window from the safety of OTL's arms and saw …............. sea, sky, sea, sky, sea, sky, sea, sky, sea, sky, sea, sky!

It was horrible!

Every one was nose deep into white paper bags shouting for Hughy, or some one like that!

Two and a half hours later, (it seemed longer!) We landed, all of us looked a strange green colour and were doing a lot of Ooo'ing!

The wind was still blowing and the rain was coming down and the puddles on the roads looked like lochs!

We had to stop a couple of times to let Holly and I have a wee and a breather and give OTL a bit of fresh air!

By the time we arrived at Gretna Green we were all feeling much better, so much so, OTL and The Missus got in a Chinese Meal and Holly and I had the last of the Rump Steak, medium rare and a few biscuits. Then we mugged OTL for a couple of Plawn Clackers!

Now we are off to bed to try to catch up on our sleep.

I don't think it will be an early start, but at least the wind has stopped!

See you tomorrow when we get home!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy & Mac Holly


  1. Poor things, hope the weather improves, safe journey home xx

  2. What a nasty end to your holiday but at least you are on dry land and safe and sound. As Elaine says have a safe journey home tomorrow.XXX

  3. You should have a nice day to travel down as it is going to be nice today.

    Rain tomorrow spreading from the west but getting here late.

    See you tomorrow