Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday with a little rain!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

This morning I decided to wake Old Two Legs up with a lick on his ear, well I fancied a wee!

So up on the bed I jumped, wrapped myself around his head and commenced to clean his ear for him!

Now OTL is not the quickest Two Legs around, but when I began to nibble his ear with my teeth, he woke up and asked what the time was, very quickly!

So, at four fifteen this morning, there was OTL bouncing off the stairs wall with Holly and me following him for a wee in the garden, that's us, not OTL!

The plan for today is for OTL to wash the big car for the last time, ready for the start of the holiday, but when we went for our morning walk along The Sea Front, the clouds and the rain were beginning to crowd over our heads, so the planned car wash was put off until Monday!

We were discussing the change of plans when we saw him!

Riding his bike along the Sea Wall, our Sea Wall!

Holly said we should stop him riding his bike along the sea wall, just for fun!

So we did!

Let's Get Him
He thought it was funny as well as Holly and I stood still in front of him and said ' This is a Stick Up, hand over your sandwiches!'

Trouble was, he didn't have any, so we had to let him go!

Another Gate Keeper Butterfly
OTL was busy trying to photograph a Gate Keeper but the wind was blowing too much!

Lunchtime came and we were down the Sea Wall again but this time we sneaked up on a fisherman who was trying to have a snooze.

Holly stood behind him and did one of her BIG WOOFS!

Poor man, nearly jumped out of his skin!

Got any Food Mister?
Then I went up to him and told him to hand over his sandwiches but he didn't have any!

This was just not our day!

Shall We?
In the distance we spotted a Labrador having a swim and his owner was throwing a stick into the water for him. Holly said we should run down there and pinch his stick and run away!

I don't think we will bother!
When we got there, the dog was too big and he was too far out into the water to get the stick, so we left him to it!

We looked out to sea and saw that we could see the Shivering Sands Forts and also the wreak of the Richard Montgomery!

Keep Clear!
Then we heard this sound of two engines at full rev's, we didn't know what it was for a moment, then all of a sudden these two Sea Scooter Boat Things came flying past. OTL said they were having a race. Holly said they should be a bit quieter about it 'cos they were making too much noise!

Then OTL spotted a Six Spot Burnet Butterfly on a thistle and had fun trying to keep focus 'cos the wind was blowing again!

Just Too Windy!
On our way home OTL stopped the car outside a house we pass every day and jumped out of the car carrying his camera.

He wanted to take some pictures of these giant Thistle plants!

Giant Thistle.
I mean, these thistles were enormous, like gigantic Thistles!

The man who owned the house where these thistles were growing was doing some
gardening and he came over to OTL to find out what OTL was doing, he told OTL that the plants were called Jerusalem Artichokes!

Jerusalem Artichokes
OTL says that you can eat them and they taste a bit like Asparagus but I'll take his word for it, as Holly says, if it don't taste like chicken, then it ain't worth eating!

You Two Legs do eat some of the strangest things sometimes!

See you tomorrow, we are starting to select out outfits to take away. Now, do I go for my red collar or the black one or maybe the sparkly one?

Decisions, Decisions!

Maybe we will wait until after our 'Shampoo and Set' that we are booked in for tomorrow morning!

Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Now, I have told you before to get TM to make you a packed lunch rather than expect others to provide for you...........nobody ever gives you sandwiches after all and you could have chicken!
    OTL is getting good at finding butterflies to photograph in the first place, he is clever and then takes really clever pictures of them.
    We saw those Jerusalem Artichokes at Walmer Castle, they are on Mike's Blog but we didn't know what they were called. They were high up and he had to climb on a wall to get near, they are lovely. Happy packing and hope the Shampoo and Set turns out well for you two and for the car. xx

  2. Well how do I follow Sue, walk behind her like Philip I suppose.
    Tis great to know the names of plants you photograph, thanks OTL.
    When you got on holiday as Sue says" dont forget to take some sandwiches".
    Smashing blog Daisy, well done that girl, oh and OTL of course. XXX

  3. Seeing that it was windy the red spot came out well.

    Well done