Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We're Back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back home again!

Ever since we were puppies, Holly and I have been travelling around in cars to get from some place to another but I will admit, the trip home yesterday just wore us both out!

We've spent most of the day asleep on Old Two Legs bed or cuddled up in our own bed in his office.

We have found a picture OTL took of us on the ferry, just before our tummies started to do the 'Grumbly Grumblies' !

Batten Down The Hatches it's going to be a Bumpy Ride!
When you are not too sure of what is going to happen it is always good to have a sister to cuddle up to!

We were out with OTL this morning to The Sea Wall to check out all the new sniffs. There were some strange new ones indicating a couple of new dogs in the area. OTL says that maybe they are on holiday, like wot we were!

Checking Sniffs.
OTL just had to find a Dragon Fly to poke his lens at of course!

Another 4 Spot!
Holly was up to her normal tricks as soon as she came across a fisherman, 'Oi! Got any food?' 

Got any Food?
All he had was worms, the ones he was teaching to swim, not the other type that we get pills from the vet to keep away!

In the afternoon we went out with OTL to do some banking and afterwards it was off to The Forest for a bit of Squirrel Chasing!

Hunting Squirrel!
We hunted everywhere, we did spot a couple but they were high in the trees. We thought we spotted one on the ground but that turned out to be a big leaf being blown in the wind!

Is that one?
OTL says that they may have gone on holiday but I think they were just trying to keep out of the rain!

I think we may have got too good at rabbit chasing and have forgotten the tricks of 'Squirrel Chasing' especially in the rain!

That reminds me, we should get delivery of our new coats in a day or two, just in time for the 'Rainy Season' which in this country lasts all year!

Tomorrow we plan to get down to The New Park and see if I can do my swimming in the Swimming Hole, if OTL allows me!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi girls, glad you are back safe and sound after your long trip.
    Now you have won your spurs Wabbit chasing, Squirrels are another thing. I will be very surprised if you get one of those but stranger things have happened at sea, opps, sorry I must not mention water after your ordeal.

    Nice Dragon Fly OTL. XXX

  2. Welcome back to England, hope your tummies are all better now and sleep caught up on, not squirrels though! Oh well, gives you something to focus on, rabbits and squirrels that is. Nite, nite, xxxx

  3. Naughty Mike wiv the 'sea' joke! yes the ferry trip was rather interesting but you two were just little 'stars' with how you coped with it all. Much love from me ...
    Super Dragonfly picture OTL!

  4. Good to see you all back safely. Sounds like the holiday was one big adventure, loved reading about it all. xxx

  5. Now this is reminding me of Captain Pugwash are you going to break in to the theme tune, diditditdiditdidit, ok I will stop there.

    Welcome back and congrats on the rabbit.