Sunday, 9 September 2012

He is still working!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We love Sundays, it normally means we get a little bit of a lie in and this Sunday was no exception. The Missus was up early and let us out for our morning inspection of the garden, then it's straight back up to Old Two Legs for a cuddle and a snooze!

Holly was down the bottom of the bed, flat out on her back, snoring!

OTL had to give her a shove to make her turn over!

We had a great walk along The Sea Wall, got to chase a couple of rabbits but they were so far away and could see us coming a mile off, so no chance of biting their tails!

OTL is still working away in the garden 'cos he wants to get the weeding and concreting done before the cold weather sets in, next week it looks a lot colder and wetter than this past week!

Autumn is a coming!

It was baking hot for our lunchtime walk and Holly reckons it would be a good chance to mug some ice cream.

So, the first Two Legs we see, she creeps up behind them and woofs 'Giss Ya Ice Cream!'

Trouble was, they didn't have an ice cream!

This is a Stick Up!
Then one of them wanted to give us a stroke!

No Ice Cream, No Strokes!
OTL was playing about with his Macro Lens and stalked a little Grasshopper. Funny thing was, every time OTL clicked the camera, the Grasshopper responded by rubbing its leg on its body!

You calling Me?
It soon got fed up with OTL doing that and hopped off!

Common Darter
He managed to get close to a Common Darter who said it was too hot to fly and did we know where he could get an ice cream!

We both crept up behind OTL and said that we wanted a lick of an ice cream cone!

Buy us an Ice Cream!
 All he was worried about was creeping up on a Female Common Blue that had landed on a plant in front of him.

Common Blue
So, we just barged past him, woofed, and scared the butterfly away!

We never did get our ice cream but we both had a long slurp of some cold water OTL got for us when we got home!

OTL was busy doing the Dais and the last bit of the path, so now it is all done, we are waiting for it to dry and then we will be able to run around it like a racing track, just like Lewis did!

We spotted a Green Shield Bug on the reeds by the pond and OTL got the camera out to record it!

Shield Bug
Holly said it looked ugly and wondered if it tasted like chicken. With that, the bug flew onto OTLs hand and did a poo on his finger!

That was it, the bug was in the 'Naughty Corner' and was put back onto the reed, no ice cream for him today!

Hey! Congratulations to PeeJay for spotting the Common Yellow Monkey Plant! A Gold Star for you and go to the head of the class!

Holly reckons it can't be that common 'cos OTL has not seen it before!

Off now to have a snooze on OTLs bed 'cos after all that running around I'm feeling whacked!

So bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Beautiful bugs pics, shame there's no pic of an ice cream though. xx

  2. Hi Girls, Well wonderful closeups OTL. I think they both deserved and ice cream on this lovely sunny day. XX

  3. I think you both deserve an ice cream for being so patient while OTL performed with his camera and OTL deserves an ice cream for taking such good pictures of bugs. Some are a bit nasty looking but I forgive him. Lovely shots of you two as always. xx

  4. It was hot girls... I'll make sure OTL gets you both an Ice cream next time its as warm as Sunday was! xx
    Great bug pictures!!!! Stunning xx

  5. Well everyone says it GREAT BUG PICTURES.

    I didn't see you at Northward Hill Nature Reserve, you could have come and given me at least a lick.