Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Let's go Hunting Squirrel!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We have come up with an absolutely brilliant idea that will save Old Two Legs getting up so early in the morning and give Holly and me freedom to go out for a walk when ever we want!

OTL should teach us to drive!

We were waiting to be let out for our run this morning and Holly was looking at the controls. There's stick thing he wiggles and this round thing he hangs onto when the car goes around the corner!

Come on, it can't be that Difficult!
 The only problem we may have is getting the key out of his pocket!

 We went down to collect the Big Car and OTL was reduced to tears again! As Holly says, if you drive big cars then you expect bigger bills!

That didn't help OTL at all, he still carried on crying!

To help get him get cheered up again, we took him down to The Forest for a fun time Hunting Squirrels!

Hunting Indian Fashion!
We started off trotting along the path, sniffin the sniffs and trying to spot the new ones!

We did some serious hunting but the squirrels were all hiding high in the trees and some were even throwing Chestnuts down at us!

They are up there!
We carried on, creeping around the trees and bushes looking for these sneaky squirrels.

Did you hear that?
We were listening hard and on several occasions we were sure they were blowing raspberries at us!

I even spotted a couple jumping from tree to tree, but they were just too far up to chase, so I let them alone, but I will remember their faces for next time!

I can see you!
 Holly and I kept on and towards the end of the walk I saw some thing on the ground, throwing up leaves!

Very slowly I crept around the side of the tree and stood there watching!

Guess what I see!
 There, on the ground, with it's tail stuck up in the air and it's head buried under a pile of leaves was a Squirrel!

I slowly crept towards it, crouched down, my tail level with my back and my ears tucked in close to my head.

Closer and closer I got, the squirrel still had not seen me. I was just about to take a deep breath and ready myself for the charge when...........................Yarrrrroooooooh!

Holly came flying past me woofing and howling in a full Doggy Charge!

With that, the squirrel did a quick jump and a hop and shot up the tree like it was running down hill!

Saw Ya!
 I was furious! I woofed at Holly for spoiling my charge and told her off!

Not that she took any notice 'cos she was off after another squirrel she said she spotted, I didn't see it so I think she was telling porkies!

Back home and a snooze before dinner, not sure what we got but I think I heard OTL being told that we had liver!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls, trust Holly to put her big mouth in it yet again. Now listen Holly, you must be quite and stalk like Daisy to stand any chance of catching a Squirrel. I bet this falls on deaf ears. XXX

  2. Now you seem to have missed one important thing about this driving lark, I suppose from your vantage point you don't see OTL's feet need to be on the peddles!!
    As for Holly? She will never learn to be quiet but you can have fun trying and I do love to read all about your hunting prowess. Hope the pond is doing well, looking forward to seeing pics of your finished garden. xx