Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Sunny Day with Old Two Legs

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

When we went out this morning it was a bit chilly, the wind was still blowing in off the sea, but a run around soon warmed us up. Old Two Legs just pulled his hat on a bit further and turned his collar up on his coat!

 We got a bit further on and Holly says, 'Here! What is that on the path?' I had a look and said it looked like a dog in 'Play' mode!

Very slowly we both walked towards this doggy and Holly said, 

'I know him!'

I know you!
'To right!' I said, 'That's Bryn!'

We hadn't seen each other for some time and we all jumped and ran around in a circle!

Hello Girls!
 It was good to see him again and we all warmed up after the chase up and down the path. 

Then Bryn went over to OTL to say 'Hello' and OTL tickled his tail!

Then OTL started to take some photos and Bryn said that he had a 'Good Side' and it was his
Front Side!

My Best Side!
We left him as he went off down the path and we headed for home and a good brush and breakfast.

Doggy Scoff!

Double Yuk!!

Well, that's it, another hungry day living off scraps we can mug off OTL!

After the brush Holly dug out a bit of Chicken Fillet she had hidden away yesterday and I went off to pinch one of her chews she had hid in her bed, she didn't know I had found it!

Lunch time came and we were off to post some bits then instead of heading to The Sea Wall, we found ourselves in the New Park! Better still, we parked by the gate that leads to the path that takes us down to the Swimming Hole!

I was off like a shot!

Leaving everyone behind as I headed for The Swimming Hole!

When I got there, a big Alsatian was plonking about so I stood back until OTL and Holly arrived, I'm not that daft!

After he cleared off I started to have a paddle and chase the ball when this bully of a Labrador came charging into the water! Not only did she make Holly wet but she nicked my ball as well!

Gissma Ball Back Miss!
I asked her to give it back but she reckoned it tasted better than her own ball so she wanted to keep it!

Then her owner picked up my ball and threw it into the pond for her to get. Off she went like a Trident Missile!

It was then that I came up with a super idea, I went over and picked up her ball and ran off to OTL with it!

Where's my ball?
I told her that OTL would keep it until she brought my ball back and she had better hurry up 'cos OTL gets upset quickly if he has to hang onto a wet ball for too long!

Here's your ball Daisy!
Off she went and fetched my ball back and gave it to me and said it was just a game really.

That sorted her out!

OTL then played with me by throwing the ball in and I had fun chasing it, but not too far in!

Splash, splash, Splash!
After a while OTL said I was getting too cold, so off we went for a run to warm up!

As we went across the bridge, I stopped to have a look at the water and Holly calls out to OTL, 'Here, Can I Shove her in?'

Can I shove her in?
Just wait, one day I'll shove her in the water!

 We had a good time chasing the ball and each other, so it wasn't long before I got warmed up and we headed back to the car.

On the way we were discussing our pictures OTL took and how good we looked posing in our coats.

From behind there came a little voice saying 'I do posing in competitions and this is how you should do it'

This is how!
 We had to agree, she knew what she was doing and we just loved the raised paw!

I asked OTL if he could throw the ball again 'cos Holly and I wanted to have another run, so I put on my 'Pleeeeeese' face and got him to throw it all the way to the car!

Back home to a snooze before dinner, OTL's that is and we will get a bit as well!

See you tomorrow, let's hope the rain stays away!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls, looks like you had an exciting day with Bryn and the Labby.
    I wonder how cold the watering hole was, still you soon got dry chasing that ball, was it yours, about.
    Hope you had a good substantial didder after all that running about. XXX