Monday, 22 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here and today is our Birthday!

Yep! Today we are Three Years Old!

In doggy terms, that is real 'Grown Up'. Our three years is about twenty eight years for you two legs!

We are in our Prime and to prove it, here we are enjoying and after chew snooze!

Holly 'On Guard'
Me on 'Back Up'

We went out for our morning walk and it was a bit strange 'cos the sea mist was in and we couldn't see much at all! We could hear the fog horn from Sheerness blowing away but that was it, no lights, no ships and no Wormy Men!

We did find a football on the beach at the high tide mark and Old Two Legs threw it up on the path for us to play with, unfortunately it was a bit too big for us, so we left it on a bench for someone else to play with!
Too big for us!

OTL was all keen to take pictures of cobwebs covered in water droplets from the mist, it was only the breeze that stopped him making a good job of focusing!

A Bit Wobbly!
Getting Better but no Water!

Lunch time we went down to The Forest ''cos we haven't been down there for a while, it was muddy, like, deep quaggy mud that oozed between you claws and stuck to your tummy and it was so dark that OTL had to use the flash on his camera just to see us!

Wot was that Flash?
Even when we got out from under the trees it was still dark! Holly said that it was not as much fun as she thought it was going to be and because I had only spotted one squirrel, I had to agree with her. So, back to the car for another rub down with our towel and a cuddle up to OTL as we drove home!

Not as good as we thought!
 Back home we found that The Missus was back from her visit to the optician and on the way back she had gone into the butchers and got us some beef for tonight's dinner!!!!!

Now, how much much better can it get!

So, off we go for our 'Birthday Dinner' and we will see you tomorrow, all three years and one day!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Happy Birthday to Daisy and Holly ~ hope you enjoyed your beef dinner and got a Birthday cuddle. Love & licks from the Beardie Bunch (Bailey, Majik & Sorrell) xxx

  2. Hi Girls,
    Well three today and our Sue records you are twenty one as there are seven dogs years to one OTL? So you are twenty one, well in my eyes that's better than twenty eight.
    Looks pretty miserable in the UK, hope the weather improves for you soon so you don't get grubby tummies , luv Mikr and Sue. Xxx