Thursday, 18 October 2012

Holly finds The Cow Poo Pat!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Today we have had a Super Time!

First thing this morning it was off to The Sea Wall as normal and we found that they have been running around with the grass cutter again and chopped down most of the weeds and stuff where us dogs use as a 'Notice Board'!

Now everything is all mixed up and we can't tell who is around and who's just passing!

You know, it will take at least a week before we get it all sorted again!

Mobile Crane?
Holly spotted this Mobile Crane going past and wanted to know why the crane never fell over when it lifted anything?

Old Two Legs then pointed out the obvious, you never lift anything that would be heavy enough to tip you over!

Makes sense really!

 Another thing we spotted was a bunch of flowers tied onto a bench. 
In fact it was the bench where OTL took that picture of the rain drops!

Remembering Mum?
 It could be someone remembering Gladys which is a kind thought and I'll remember that next time we all sit there and watch the ships go by!

This afternoon we went to deliver some stuff and when we had finished, we were very close to The Farm, which we hadn't been to visit for absolutely ages! So, we stopped there and rushed off to see what sniffs were around!

We started off by walking along the path at the top of the hill.

There were a few good sniffs that Holly and I shared.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, down the bottom of the hill, mooching along, was a,


Off I went, full speed, down hill, tail out straight to aid wind flow!

Can you see me?
 I was steaming!

Well, in the end the bird flew off into the trees and kept up a laughing sort of noise just to let me know I wasn't fast enough and as I couldn't fly, there was no way I was going to catch that Pheasant!

Holly in the mean time had chased after me down the hill but slightly to the left. Suddenly she stopped and spun around and then fell over, straight into a pile of cow poo that had been spread over the field as fertiliser!

Wot Luck!

It was well fermented, crusty around the edge but still soft in the middle!

OTL was busy picking up two piles of poo that we had left him before chasing off, so, he didn't see what Holly was doing until it was too late and by the time he had started calling us back, I also had found a super pile as well!

Just having a roll!
 Well, by the time we had finished we were both honking like every dog should honk, if we had the chance! As we walked along all the air seemed to 'Steam' around us and all the bugs in the grass flew up in the air, just to get a sniff of us!

Were we 'The Business' or Wot?

Back home it was a different matter, A large bowl of warm water and 'Doggy Shampoo' soon reduced us to smelling all flowery and the poo got washed off!

It's just not fair!

Well, at least OTL will give us a cuddle tonight and we can sit next to him on his chair while we watch a DVD and nibble on some shortbread!

So, that was our day, we hope you enjoyed yours just as much!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. What a lovely day you've had xxxx

  2. You two drive me and OTL bonkers with your love of all things smellie! But we love you xxxxx

  3. Ello smelly Nellies,

    we love you too.

    Smashing blog, you keep OTL on this toes. xxx

    ps arrived in Tampa 569 miles and shattered.

  4. Mike has it right, no chicken for you two for a week.

    Only kidding you smelly but lovely