Saturday, 20 October 2012

Super Lazy Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We had some sort of a panic this morning, Old Two Legs came rushing out of the bathroom saying that there was a 'Great Spot' on the peanut feeder. He rushed to get his camera and ran off a few shots, trouble was, the Woodpecker was hiding around the back of the feeder!

Sneaky Great Spot!

I See Yoo!
Down on The Sea Wall we saw Mrs Cord searching for breakfast, she said that it was a bit 'Bleak' today 'cos the cockles have all gone into hiding!

Back home we had our brush then OTL did our chicken breakfast which was super 'cos he leaves the skin on the chicken when he cuts it up for us!

The Missus had gone out to her 'Village Crop' today, so we had OTL to ourselves!We could get up on the sofa and have a nibble of our chews then fall asleep for a snooze, then wake up and have fun jumping on the sofa pretending to be birds flying through the air!

Lunch time we went down The Sea Wall again and chased after a couple of rabbits but as normal they were too quick to disappear down their house holes!

We met up with a young lad we had met before, a quick sniff and a 'Hello' and he was off!

Can't stop, dinner calling!
 Holly said it was because he had dinner about this time of the day!

A bit further on we met up with a youngster who was only fourteen weeks old! I could almost remember that age 'cos that was when I met up with OTL and TM!

We all had a sniff and made him welcome to The Sea Wall and after he had played up to OTL, we said we would look forward to our next meeting.

I'm fourteen weeks old!
Back home to a snooze on the sofa again before TM comes back and clears us off! OTL was suposed to do some gardening but it was too wet to do anything, so he has promised to 'Have a Look Again' during the week if we get a dry day!

Oh Yes, we believe you!

Never mind, we think it's Meat Balls tonight, so we are getting ready for some serious mugging!

Not sure what the weather is going to be tomorrow but with a bit of luck it will be dry!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Now I know what you two get up to when I'm not around!! ...xx

  2. Hi Girls,

    we have meatballs tonight as well at the Kite Auction. Shall I save you a couple, perhaps not, ten days and an Airplane and I thing they would walk home from Heathrow.
    Wots up with OTL, he is getting lazy in his old age?
    Good blog and shall I just eat the meatballs?? XXX