Friday, 26 October 2012

When the North Wind doth Blow..........!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again on a cold, windy and wet Friday!

This Autumn thing can get a bit draughty you know!

After a very hard night guarding the house from burglars and sneaky Pussy Cats, we had our normal morning snooze, after handing over the guarding responsibility to Old Two Legs and The Missus.

Well, last night it seemed to be one long Guard Patrol, marching all over the house checking under the dining room table and behind the sofa. Then there was the stairs, every step has to be investigated for strange sniffs. After that it is a march around the other rooms, first the kitchen, stopping for a nibble on the leftovers, have a drink, then sniff around for any Two Leg food dropped on the floor!

After that we check the front door and make sure it is double locked!

We carefully check the office, under the desk and the filing cabinet then march into TM's card making store. Now that's a terrible place to guard, there are so many boxes of stuff where nasty's could hide!

Once all that has been done, we march back into the bedroom and report to OTL that all has been done and give him a big lick on the ear!

While doing that our tails give TM a good whack on the head, just to let her know we are reporting to OTL!

OTL took us down to The Sea Wall as normal but this time the wind was blowing in off the North Sea and boy, wasn't it cold and wet!

As OTL says, When The North Wind Doth Blow, then we'll get Cold Wet Tails!

Just listen to that wind!
 Well, we turned the corner and looked at the sea, it was white water everywhere!

White Water!
The wind was blowing pretty hard as well, Holly pointed her nose into the wind and called out, 'Look, Speed Sniffin, Standing Still!

Holly Speed Sniffin!
 I decided it was going to be one of those 'Quick Walks', just about the time when a load of spray got blown up the beach and into my face!

Watch out for the spray!
 We spotted the Buoy from yesterday but it hadn't gone very far, to cold for swimming says Holly!

Buoy, its cold out there!
 Holly and I had a chat and decided that we were going to take the Short-Cut back to the car, a long walk is OK on a summer's day but in this weather, well it could amount to cruelty and we didn't want to get reported for being cruel to OTL!

Listen, I have a Cunning Plan!
We got to the Short-cut Path and Holly and I dashed up there calling for OTL to follow us 'cos we have just seen a rabbit.

We hadn't but he wasn't to know!

Look, rabbits!
By the time OTL had caught up with us, even he had decided it was a good idea to head home!

OTL, Home!
 As we got close to the car a big blast of wind blew the fur on my face all over the place. 'Hey!' says Holly, 'you need a hair cut!'

I think she's right!
 Back home it was warm and snug in our Day Beds and we enjoyed a super breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits before retiring to dream of sunny spring days!

Lunch time we inspected the garden and found that it had stopped raining, so we rushed upstairs, collected OTL and pushed him into the car.

It was still blowing a storm and the tide had gone out but it was still cold!

Here comes the wind!
 We tried the trick of sneaking up the Short-Cut but OTL caught us and made us go the whole walk!

Heading Back!
It was good to be heading back home, back to a nice warm Day Bed!

Come on, keep going!
 Holly was almost chasing OTL like a sheep dog, every time he stopped to look at a little fungi, she got behind him and woofed!

I was going to join in with the woofing but Holly seemed to be doing quite well without me!

I'll woof later, if needed!
Not sure what is for dinner tonight but I'm sure OTL will share it with us!

OTL was going to go out early tomorrow to do some work but it has been put off until Sunday, so that means we can have a cuddle tomorrow but on Sunday he not only won't get a cuddle, but he will miss the F1 race!

Let's hope the rain stays away on Sunday 'cos that won't help OTL enjoy the work!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. wind swept to say the least. Tomorrow and Sunday you don't want to go out as it will be freezing, wait until Monday.

    Don't forget to GET YOUR HAIR CUT

  2. Sue here, I just found you had posted before Mike saw it so I shall comment first.
    Thank you so much for reminding me how cold, wet and windy it is in the UK, here at the moment Florida is warm, wet and windy as the tail end of hurricane Sandy is swirling round, then out, up and back in towards New York which is miles away. Love the photos of you poor things, good job you had those nice coats. Keep warm, hugs and more hugs. Sue Goodes xxxx

  3. Why is it that OTL get all the licks and I just get a whack on the head from your tails! xxx

  4. Hi girls,
    I did a long reply yesterday and the internet packed up.
    Sandy has gone now and just to cheer you up, opened the room door and it is 75f and blue sky's. Will try to bring some sunshine home for you although Zoe says it's
    Ps give Eileen a lick from us please.

  5. Hello Daisy
    Could you please let me know where you got your lovely coats. I think my Mum's dog, Rosie, would love one as she shivers after she has been trimmed and you always look so chic in yours.