Thursday, 25 October 2012

Windy Out Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Have you noticed the change? We have, the wind has picked up and blowing in off the North Sea. The waves were bigger than normal and there was a definite draft 'Under the Tail' if you know what I mean!

Waves are getting bigger!
Old Two Legs even put on his warm winter hat, the one that has ear flaps and a flap to cover his forehead if the wind gets too bad!

We spotted a floating buoy thingy getting bashed about in the waves, it had come off something but it was too big to be used as a ball, so we left it along to have a swim!

Having a Splash About in The Surf!
I did suggest a race along the wall again and maybe Holly could got for a swim!

Holly said 'No', well, she also said a lot of other things but the answer was 'No'!

Holly's not for Swimming!
So, with that decided, we had a race along the grass path back to the car, well, breakfast was calling us!

Breakfast Calling!
 OTL had to go out for a while but when he returned, it was just in time for our lunchtime walk!

There's nothing like a lunchtime walk after snoozing all morning in the Day Bed!

We spotted two ships having a race and Holly says it was the Nelly May sailing barge who was in the lead!

Nelly May ahead on the turn!
Then we saw the Wormy Man out on the mud flats, he was standing there at the head of a ditch he had dig in the mud, Holly said that showed he had been chasing a worm through the mud and maybe, the worm had won!

Worm - 1  Man - 0
As we were having a laugh about that, a two legs cycled past on his bike, nearly running Holly over, well, she wasn't going to stand for that, so she chased him down the path woofing at him to GerroffanWalk, but I don't think he understood!

 We met up with a new doggy on The Sea Wall, he said he was called Radley!

Hello, I'm Radley!
His owner said that his wife had named him and he was called after the Handbag!

Well, OTL had a laugh about that but it seemed to upset Radley and he asked OTL if he was going to be made into a Handbag when he got older!

I'm not a Handbag am I?
 OTL said that if anyone was going to make a Handbag out of him he should tell us and we will stop them!

Radley said that made him feel a lot better and thanks for the reassurance!

 We said Bye and went off on a hunt for fungi for OTL.

 Look what we found for him!

Golden Waxcap?
 It was a young fungi but we think it maybe a Golden Waxcap 'cos they are very common and found in the sort of place this one was growing!

So, that made OTL happy and we got home to settle down to a bit of serious snoozing before dinner time!

OTL has got Bambi Burgers tonight, so, we are getting ready for some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Oh Radley is nearly as good as you two.

    Nice shot of the waves

  2. Hi Girls,
    We have come out in sympathy with you and the weather, it's raining cats and dogs here, well stairods anyway.

    Love Radley he seems a nice chap. XX