Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Damp Tail Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Last night was fun, we wound Old Two Legs up good and proper!

After mugging him for some of his dinner, we let him get settled in his big comfy chair, put his paws up and relaxed enough to enjoy some television.

I sort of sidled up to the chair and looked up and gave one of my 'Little Whines', you know the

'I want something and I'm not going to leave you alone until I get it' sort of whines!

As soon as he looked at me, I looked up to where the ball was resting, next to his whisky!

He tried to ignore me but I was not going to give up, I whined some more, but with a little more passion behind the whine.

Well, after about five minutes he gave in and got the ball down! We had a good game of 'Chase The Ball' and Holly joined in and even left her carrot on the sofa while we ran all over the place chasing the ball, we even had The Missus chasing Holly 'cos she was chewing lumps out of the ball, Holly chewing lumps out, not TM!

Who needs television when you got us!

This mornings walk down on The Sea Wall was a farce! 

Since waking up it has been raining on and off, so, when we went out, the rain had stopped. OTL, being all clever, took our coats and one of our towels with us in the car, Just in case.

We got down to the car park and look, no rain! So, off we went, woofing and running through the wet grass chasing the rabbits!

We got down to the sea front and it started, little drops of rain.

We didn't have our coats on.

We trotted along, sniffin the sniffs and looking out for the sea gulls.

The rain drops got bigger.

Holly starts to grumble, 'I'm getting wet' she says, so was I!

It's getting Wet!
We get to the bottom of the steps that lead back to the car park.

'Stuff this for a game of Chase', she says, 'I'm off back to the car!' Off she went without even looking back!

Stuff This, I'm Off!
I stood there for a moment, looked at her, then at OTL, then headed off to the car as well!

Wait for me, I'm coming as well!
Back to the car, jump onto the parcel shelf while OTL stands under the back door giving us a dry down with the towel!

Back home to another dry down and Chicken & Biscuits for breakfast!

Lunch time came and we were wondering if the rain was going to hold off while we have a run.

We got all dressed up in our coats and off we went, Holly was a bit reluctant at first but climbed into the car in the end and off we went.

When we got there, the rain had stopped, well almost stopped, just a few spots now and again. Holly and I went off hunting rabbits but there were none stupid enough to come out in this weather!

No Rabbits here!
Along the path we had our sniffs but the rain had washed most of the good ones out to sea!

OTL was all 'Clicky Clicky' with the camera trying to get a 'Moody' shot of me but I was just too damp to pose properly!

No, I'm not in the mood to 'Pose'!
 At that point Holly came striding by, 'Come on, keep moving!' she said and OTL took a picture of her!

Come on, keep moving!
 I jumped down onto the beach and found a soft spot to have a dig, well, I haven't had a dig for a few weeks, what with all this rain and stuff!

Coo Eee! Rabbits!
 OTL chased me off the hole 'cos he said that the rabbits had all gone away and I would end up with sand in my fur and get it all over the seats in the car.


He does get all Showy Off sometimes!

 We bumped into Max on our way back and he and Holly exchanged notes on the days sniffs and what we could expect to get tomorrow.

He did tell us about a couple of Two Legs a bit further on who were looking out to sea through a telescope and scribbling things into a note book!

and there's a couple of TL down there acting suspiciously!
 We had seen this couple before and they were only looking at the birds but we didn't bother to go into details 'cos Max has enough trouble understanding his owners anyway!

Aha! The Lesser Spotted Ousalum Bird!
 Holly said that they were looking for the very rare Ousalum Bird who flies in ever decreasing circles until one day, Poof!

Holly says that there are not many left in the wild and the only ones she knows of are kept in a zoo with one leg tied to a post to stop it flying around!

Holly knows these things!

 She said that she knows a poem about the Ousalum Bird and one day she will tell it to me!

OK, off down stairs now to find out what OTL has got for dinner and will we like it?

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi girls,
    it was such a shame about the rain, still OTL looked after you and dried you off.
    Max looks like a nice friend for you, don't worry about the TL as long as they keep looking down those tubes you will be safe. XX

  2. No sandwiches around today then, these TLs must eat while they are at home, enjoyed your pictures, sort of moody in the moody weather. Max looks nice and please tell us about the Ousalum Bird! xx

  3. Again you two are the stars of the show.

    Yes it rained all morning and a lot of rain at that. It was well into the afternoon before it stopped.

    A dry few days with only a few showers if we are lucky, more sniffs for you.