Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Day of Wet Tails and Damp Paws!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again!

Today has been one of those 'Snoozy Days', you know, a day when all your plans have to be put away for when the sun shine comes back!

We were up good and early this morning, we had to, The Missus was up early finishing off collecting all the bits for her 'Master Class' and making so much noise that we expected the neighbours at the end of the road to complain about it!

Even Old Two Legs wrapped his head in a pillow and groaned!

Mind you, he does that most mornings!

After we waved TM good bye, we set off for The Sea Wall and guess what?

It was raining!

It was also very misty out to sea and we saw something very strange out there, towards Essex, where everything is strange!

It looked like a very low ship, like one of those rubbish barges, but it seemed to have sort of lattice work holding a shed up in the air. 

Holly said it was part of an oil rig, on its side heading out to sea to drill for worms!

I thought it was some sort of crane jib being towed along by a tug.

OTL didn't seem to know what it was, so, being all 'Mr Clever Chops' he took a photo of it and showed us what it was, 'cos he can zoom right into the middle of the picture with his super duper doggy do dah camera!

Strange ship!
Yep, we understood straight away, it was Southend on Sea pier!

It was all the mist behind it obscuring the land, that's what confused us!

Back home for some Lambs Heart and biscuits and a snooze while OTL gets going doing some printing and framing of his pictures. Some of the Glencoe trip and others of flowers and trees.

Someone has asked to see samples of his work and who knows, they may even order some for their shops!

That  means he could be famous and have to go away and do 'Signings' of his work for people who buy the pictures and of course we would be just as famous as we would have to accompany him everywhere 'cos we are his 'Personal Body Guards'!

That of course meant that we didn't go into the garden to chase OTL around and play ball and jump into the piles of leaves or chase the cats.

All because OTL was working, oh, and also because it was pouring down with rain!

Our lunch time walk was very short, we jumped out of the car, rushed across the grass, had a quick wee and told OTL that we wanted to go home again 'cos it was too wet in the rain, even with our coats on!

You know, it was so wet and rainy, he didn't even take his camera with him!

So, the afternoon was spent snoozing in our day beds while OTL was 'Manufacturing', that was until TM came back.

We gave her a good 'Welcome Home' lick and settled down to a cuddle after mugging OTL for some of his dinner!

We have plans for tomorrow, depending on the rain, it involves Rabbits and Squirrels and Rats and Mouses and sun bathing by the pond.

As we said, it depends on the rain!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi Girls,
    Please don't let it rain tomorrow otherwise my camera will seize up
    Don't know about you two but I am getting fed up with this rain, come on sunshine. XX