Thursday, 29 November 2012

Chilly Start

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

This morning The Missus got up early, waking everyone else up at the same time, so we got our 'Early Morning Wee' a bit earlier than normal. Now that was not so bad, but when we went out into the garden it was Cold!

Holly said it was almost cold enough for frost!

Back inside we ran up stairs to Old Two Legs who was still fast asleep, snuggled up in his nice warm bed. We just had to tell him about the chilly morning, so we walked all over his head with our cold wet paws and gave his ear a lick!

He was not a happy puppy!

Out on The Sea Wall Holly suggested that we do some jogging to keep warm!

A Gentle Jog along the Sea Wall.
OTL said that if he tried to jog bits would fall off him!

Yuk! What a thought!

The sun was trying to break through the clouds over Sheerness and Holly reckons that it would get better around lunch time.
Here comes the sun!
We spotted the Wormy Man heading for the shore, so that means the tide was on the turn and would soon be lapping at The Sea Wall, if it didn't fill his boots first!

It's Behind You!

I thought it would be a good idea to go to The Forest at lunch time 'cos we haven't been there for a while 'cos of the rain and mud and wet leaves and falling trees and...............!

OTL said that as long as it didn't rain then he would consider it!

So, lunch time came and we didn't mug him too much but when we got into the car, we both started singing our 'Squirrel Chasing Song', just as a gentle reminder that there are no squirrels on The Sea Wall!

We both woofed with delight when we turned right instead of left, that would have taken us to The Sea Wall, 'cos right hand turn means The Forest!

Before long we were off the lead and attacking the first interesting sniff!

This one is really good!
OTL had brought his cameras with him but they were left in the car 'cos he was taking them to be cleaned, so all he had was his very old Nikon Coolpix 4500 which is a 'Point and Shoot' type of camera he has never got around to putting on eBay!

So, off he went, trying to remember how to get into the controls and muttering to himself!

Where has the colour gone?
Not bad but it lacks colour of  the leaves and he can't find the 'Vivid' control in the menu!

Holly and I were off chasing the squirrels when we could see them, we could hear them 'cos they were calling us names all the time!

Over here. No, over here!
We were ducking and diving all over the place, sometimes we spotted one in the tree and sometimes we heard two doing their warning call at the same time!


OTL was still playing with the camera, the flash kept on going off every time he pressed the shutter and he was getting the Grumbles 'cos he didn't want the flash to go off!

Too much Flash, not enough colour!
I was all alert for any noise and OTL's camera kept going 'Bleep' every time he took a picture and he couldn't find the control to turn it off!

More Grumbles from him!

Mind you, he did get a good one of me in 'Alert' position!

Do I Look 'Alert' or Wot?
Holly found a tree that had got blown over during the storm and suggested we make a slide out of it.

So she sat down and said 'Look at Me Sliding!'

Then she had to ask OTL to have a look and see if she had any splinters under her tail!
Can you see any splinters?
It's at times like that when you find out who your real friends are!

OTL has been trying to get to grips with his toy that he got from the U.S.A. and as he can't find any live insects to work with, he has been practising with dead mosquitoes he finds on his window ledge.

The ones that have given up the fight to get through the glass window and are laying on their back with their legs in the air!
Another one bites the dust!
Those hairy fan things must be some form of  'Tasting' antennae to detect your breath at night!

Not sure what's on the menu tonight but you can be sure we are going to get some of it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Poor OTL having trouble with his backup camera, he must get TM to read the instructions for him, can't have him flashing about all over the place. Love the Alert picture, my you do look official, glad it didn't rain but it is very very cold and you must warm up your noses before licking OTL or he won't take you out in the morning. xx

  2. Hi Girls,
    love this blog, its great, first off you stand on OTL's head, he must love you lots to put up with that. Smashing pics of you Daisy and of course Holly. Glad you had a good time at the forest, it's Great there when it's dry. Not keen in the dead Mosquitoes, I wonder if the taste like chicken. XXX