Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dodging the Showers!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

I have just started to up load today's photos and I get a message telling my I'm 'Over Quota', seems I've used up all my 1GB of photo space on this Goggle site.

So it looks like I will have to go and delete photos from the start of my blog!

OK, here I am fifteen minutes later and I've managed to delete a few of the old pictures to make room for today's masterpieces!

This morning when we went out it was windy, not just a gentle breeze, I mean Windy, seriously WINDY!

In fact it was so bad that Holly and I couldn't work out where the sniffs were coming from!

There we were thinking that somewhere very close was a big juicy bacon sandwich with lashings of brown sauce and what did we find?

A pile of old poo!

The bacon sniff was being blown in from some mobile truck stop on the A2 south of Sittingbourne!

It's just not fair to our sensitive noses!

Mmmmm! Bacon, mushrooms and HP Sauce!
We spent the morning hiding in our 'Day Beds' 'cos when we got home there was a big plate of Lambs Heart waiting for us! Mmmmmmmmmm, Super Stuff!

Lunch time we went out again but this time it was to The New Park where the sniffs are many and dogs abound!

That's me getting all poetical!

It was OK to start with, a few sniffs, a couple of woofers to say 'Hello' to and enjoy a little chase.

Then I spotted some rough looking woofers coming down the path towards us.

They looked to types that would pinch you ball and run away with it!

I Spy Trouble!
Of course, as soon as they saw us, over they came all bouncing and woofing and making grumbly noises!

The lead dog had a ball in it's mouth and put it down at my paws, 'Wanna Game of Chase?' he said.

Then he saw Holly and him and his mate ran over to her and asked her 'Wanna Game of Chase?'

No thanks, says Holly, I don't do chase when it's raining.

I don't do Chase in the wet!

Hey, Wot? Says the little one, wot rain?

It was at that very moment that the rain fell down on us, not just a dribble but a big pond full of water.

That was it, off we went like rockets, even Old Two Legs got a move on for a change!

About a hundred yards closer to the gate than we were when it started, it stopped!

Like no rain here but ten steps back you could get soaked!

Very strange!

Back to the car and a good rub down with our towel and the car heater on soon warmed us both up.

Unfortunately, OTL said that the towel was too wet for him to have a rub down, so we let him point the blowers in the car at himself for a couple of minutes, just to dry off his glasses! 

Off to do some deliveries and then back home for our snooze before dinner.

We have just got another picture from OTL's Glencoe trip, this is the head of Loch Etive, looks a bit cold and wet to us!

Loch Etive
 Dinner is served, Bambi Burger tonight but with out the antlers!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Can you buy more space on Picassa??? I think Mike did that .. not expensive.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Girls,
      Yes TM is right, you don't want to loose all you nice bloggy pictures, buy some more space OTL. Re size mine to 1500x1000 and I have oodles of space.
      Lovely pic of you two in the wind, like the up north one too. XXX

  3. Best check that TM didn't leave any bits of Antler in those Bambi Burgers! You two are looking as gorgeous as ever and really snug in those coats. You did have some bad luck with the rain but glad you had a nice towel to be dried on.
    Loch Etive looks very eerie but it is a lovely picture, makes me wonder what is in hiding. Scottish "somethings" perhaps? xx

  4. Yes Mike is right that is what we both do. It brings them down to about 5 meg.

    Well you didn't get as wet as me so you were lucky. You still had a fine time.

  5. Thanks for the input lads, OTL does indeed resize and reduce. The last picture of Loch Etive is 19.5Kb and it is 320 x 213 px. The trouble we have is that we have been uploading photos every day since 2010 and it has sort of built up a stock!

    OTL has started to get rid of the 2010 photos and we think he will delete the early blogs, just to create a bit of space for our future prize winning photographs!

  6. Just my two peneth, I think it's a shame to loose them, I would sooner pay a couple of bob to keep then up. I often look back on our past adventures and it gives me a smile, I am sure other people look at them as well.