Monday, 19 November 2012

It's Them Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We have been having a lazy day today, no violent chasing of rabbits or rats or squirrels, much!

This morning we went out along The Sea Wall and strolled along just enjoying the air and gently sniffing around. Holly suggested that there were some rabbits hiding in the long grass but I thought it was only one rabbit having a run around, just to confuse us!

One or six rabbits?
Then as we got onto the Sea Wall we spotted the rabbit, a long way along the path and we decided that by the time we got to where it was we would be too out of breath to woof at him!

Not worth Chasing!
We didn't worry, there would always be another time and we will be closer next time!

Lunch time was an adventure all in it's self! We met up with the Shih Tzu lads, all woof and tail that lot!

One even did a 'Sneaky Sniff' on Holly who spun around and gave him a good 'Grumble' which told him off good and proper!

Wot a Sneaky Sniff!
It was then that his mates started to woof at us so we told them to go home or we would get our Old Two Legs to sort them out!

Watch It or OTL will sort you out!
 It was then that they said sorry and said that they didn't want to upset OTL 'cos he was always pleased to see them and they all got a 'Tickly Tail' from him!
 They wandered off and Holly spotted a rabbit and we were off! He ran around all over the place but finally disappeared into a bush and we never saw any more of him.

Where is he now?
 OTL was jumping up and down calling and whistling for us to follow him, fat chance if there's a rabbit about!

We didn't go directly home, instead we went of to our most favourite shop, The Doggy Shop!

The sniffs in that place are tremendous! You know they even have little rooms where you can see through the walls where they keep Guinea Pigs  and Rats and Rabbits, all running around and looking very tasty!

We asked OTL if we could have one but he said that we were only allowed Doggy Scoff and nibbles!

So, no rabbit, but we did see some Chicken Fillet packs go into the basket as well as some Chews and some Teeth Cleaning Chew and some Twisty Chews as well as the Doggy Scoff and biscuits!

So, I reckon we can leave the rabbits until later!

We have just mugged OTL for some of his dinner, meat balls and we also had a water biscuit, so, that also made up for the rabbit we couldn't have!

You know Christmas is coming, so maybe we will get a rabbit then!

Claws Crossed!

 OK, we are off for a cuddle with OTL now and we have seen him get the shortbread out, so that means another nibble before bed!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Hi girls, well that was a wonderful day not doing a lot. Still you had a good sniff and a trip to the doggy shop so that's all that matters.
    You had meatballs for dinner, well I recon OTL really treats you two well. XX

  2. Not the doggy shop, wow that is good to hear, all that stuff just there for the choosing. Did you make OTL open his wallet big and good for you? A leisurely day it seems but you had excise of the nose and feet so all was well. Hope you had a nice bit of shortbread, we have just eaten all our Scottish shortbread that a friend brought us from her holidays.

  3. You two are sooooo lucky ... all those treats... wot did I get .... nuffin!!!! xxxx