Sunday, 11 November 2012

OTL's Gone!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here, but not in Scotland!

He sneaked off this morning with Alun just before eight, leaving us with The Missus!

So, first things first, show her the way to The Sea Wall!

With Old Two Legs there is no problem, he knows the way, he also knows where there might be pussy cats we can woof at and other doggies we can woof and shout at and of course, those sheep things that we always woof at, just for fun!

Well, she got lost twice and we had to put her straight, I mean, even we know our left paw from our right and when we said left paw down a bit she didn't know what we meant!

In the end we finally got to the car park and were let out, straight into the sniff of a rat!

Holly and I were off like rockets, leaving TM behind!

Holly was going potty and I was getting very excited as well, TM was getting angry 'cos we didn't take any notice of her, preferring to tear a rat apart than follow her down the path!

It's in here I know it!
After a while we just couldn't stand TM shouting so much, she even scared off the rat!

Fancy a Swim?
Well, after all that shouting there was nothing around we could chase, at least OTL enjoys the chase as well!

Holly was looking over the edge and saw a seagull floating on the tide, 'Hey!' she says, 'Fancy going in for a swim and catching that Sea Chicken?'

As OTL would say, 'The second words OFF!'

Back home for lunch and we then had to settle down to watch Create & Craft 'cos TM's cards were being showed. 

Not that they made a great fuss about them, we think the presenter didn't really understand the technique or the process, but what the heck, TM knows what she is doing!

OTL arrived in Glencoe this evening and we got a phone call from him, talking about Wild Haggis running across the road and throwing lumps of peat at the car and blowing raspberries!

Bet they wouldn't do that if we were there!

One good thing about OTL being away, we get a chance of sleeping on his side of the bed!

Bye bye for now, we're off to mug TM for a nibble or two!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. I'm sure you'll soon get TM in order. She's taken some nice pictures of you today. Her samples were lovely, even Archie was watching them. Those wild haggis only come out when there aren't brave puppies about to see them off. Enjoy mugging TM and snuggling up with her, don't forget to look after her. xx

  2. Hi Girls, yes as OTL is away you must be on your best behavior. Do what TM says otherwise you will both be for the high jump when OTL gets home. XX

  3. You two should know better than to get on the bad side of TM, even I know that.

    It's a pity you didn't get that rat.

    Have a good time well OTL is away

  4. Sorry I am late on parade, I did read it when Mike was commenting but didn't have my machine on. I enjoyed your tale of the day even if it didn't come out how you planned, don't you go getting four eyes watching all that TV, perhaps you could offer to help TM with those cards, how about that?