Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Squirrel Hunting with OTL.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

It has been quite sunny today, certainly this morning it was getting in our eyes and Old Two Legs was complaining about 'Lens Flair', whatever that is!

As I was sniffin my way along The Sea Wall I could hear Holly singing to herself and it was only when the sun got our of my eyes did I see her dancing along singing 'Do, Do, Do, The Dogtrot'!

Doing The Dogtrot!
 She's always practising that dance, not quite sure what she has planned when she masters it!

OTL was all excited about seeing a Little Egret and a couple of Curlew on the mud flats and he took one picture of them together. Holly said it looked like a 'Egret Sandwich'!

Egret Sandwich!
 I was busy hunting rabbits but I couldn't find even a recent sniff! Not to be outdone, I started to 'Hunt Mouse'!

Hunting Mouses!
 Now these mouses can be real tricky some times. Just when you think you've got one, it runs away through the grass tunnel it has made!

I have tried sneaking up on them and rushing straight at them and finally, jumping down onto them like a fox does!
Jumping like a Fox!

It's no good, I've yet to have any success!

 Some times Holly joins in the hunt and we have great fun jumping all over the place chasing them.

Today, we were mooching along and we both heard a big noise like a 'Big Mouse' would make as it scampers through the grass. So, we both headed into the grass, all big and bold and woofing!

Ooops! Sorry Mister!
 What did we find? A Woofer having a wee!

So we both said we were sorry, backed out and ran off laughing!

Lunch time we got into the car and headed off to town to deliver some stuff and when we finished OTL said we could go for a walk down The Forest, which was great 'cos now we could hunt some squirrel instead of those mouses!

Well, in we went and charged through the bracken and bushes and the first thing we met was a pair of woofers who told us we would never catch a squirrel making that much noise!

A Bit Quieter Please Girls!
 Then he walked over and started to sniff Holly but she was a bit put out by his remarks and turned around and snapped at him.

He jumped back and ran off!

That'll teach him to be so 'Showy Off'!

OTL found some more fungi and was clicking away, so we jumped onto the log and ran up and down watching out for squirrels.

OTL's Fungi
 Then Holly spotted what she said was a squirrel hiding on the ground, just behind a big tree.

Look, behind that tree!
So we both sneaked off into the wood and finally found that the 'Squirrel' was in fact a Wood Pigeon turning over some leaves on the ground!

We didn't tell OTL about the pigeon 'cos he'll only call us names and say things like 'Should have gone to Spec Savers'!

Further around the path we came to the area where we have our best success finding squirrels, so we told OTL that he had to be quiet and to stop clicking the camera!

OTL, Quiet Please!
 We managed to kick up a couple more Wood Pigeons and chased around with no success.

Then OTL called us over and showed us the picture he had just taken!

What's this called?
Can you tell me what's this called, he said, is it a Pigeon?

We just can't stand show offs!

Well, that was it, all he could do from then on was to keep saying, 'Seen Another'!

Then just to rub it in, he would show us a picture!

How does he do it?

Look, Another One!
We were getting really fed up with him, every couple of  steps we got ' Look, Another One!'

So we told him to go back to fungi and trees and leave the squirrels to us!

So, He Did!

A Tree.
Right at the end of our walk, OTL spotted a squirrel on the ground, just about the time I spotted it.

Off I went and I chased it all around the trees and finally it shot up the tree to safety!

Trouble is, I can't go vertical and so not only do I have to listen to OTL I also left The Forest with the squirrel laughing at me as well!

It just isn't fair, I think I will have to go to climbing lessons and learn how to climb trees!

Back home and a bowl of Lambs Heart will help me forget squirrels, providing OTL keeps his mouth shut!

Fat Chance!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Ask OTL to give you a few Squirrel hunting tips.. he's mile better that you are! ... lovely autumn colours in the pictures! x

  2. Hi Girls,
    Sorry I am late on parade,
    love the Autumn leaves and Squirrel shots.
    I have told you before that you make to much noise and have to stalk them. Ask OTL to give you lessons in that rather than climbing.
    Smashing blog and lovely story.xx

    1. PS beautiful Egret sandwich shot, well done OTL.XX