Saturday, 1 December 2012

Busy, Busy Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you on a frosty Saturday!

We do like Saturdays, Old Two Legs tries to have an extra hour in bed. (No Way!)

He gets a list of jobs to do. (He looses the list!)

He goes into 'Planning Mode' which can last all the way until Monday morning when it is shelved until next weekend!

OTL can be really sneaky if he puts his mind to it!

We get him up good and early so he can get his jobs done, we head off for The Sea Wall and watch the sun creep into the sky.

Sunrise over Sheerness.
 It is still blooming cold and frosty and OTL makes sure we have our coats on so we don't get too cold!

We knew it was going to be cold out 'cos the pond had some ice on it first thing this morning!

Icy bits on the pond!
 We didn't see any rabbits but we did go hunting for those sneaky Mouses!

Even Holly joined in but as normal, they ran away!

I can sniff at least two here!
When we got back home we had Doggy Scoff waiting for us, not our favourite but we were a little peckish, so we had a chew of some 'All in one Doggy Food Biscuits' which taste just like OTL's cardboard boxes he puts his stuff in!

Then I had a go at the Doggy Scoff which was just as bad but I got half way down the bowl before deciding to leave it for later!

Back up to the day bed for a snooze while OTL does the gutters.

Sorry, he can't do the gutters, it has started to rain, who's a  lucky OTL then!

Just of late this blogging thing has been sort of Taking Over and has changed the pictures and title and other bits, so, I have tried to get back some of the pictures, like, me and OTL and my name, let's face it, it's my blog, not his!

So, fiddly, fiddly, I've managed to get most of it back again! Trouble is, will OTL appear as 'Daisy' in his other 'on line' profiles? Now that could be fun!

Lunch time came and off we went again to The Sea Wall but this time the tide was in and the fishermen were all teaching their worms to swim.

Can he swim yet?
Holly thought she could sniff some sandwiches, so she did her 'Got Any Food Mister' woof, but it didn't do any good 'cos they had eaten their lunch already!

Got any...........?

We saw some other camera people on the beach pointing their cameras to the sky. OTL asked what they were doing and was told  they were taking multiple exposures, a sort of delayed shutter type of series so that if you look at them quickly, it would look like a film.

Hello Bozo, OTL's got a bigger and better camera than you, so there!
 As Holly says, 'What ever floats your Boat Bozo'!

 When we got home, OTL was straight up the ladder to the gutter and made a big mess clearing the gutter, we stayed inside and watched him through the window.

We have a drain that is supposed to drain the water of the patio if it rains too much and floods the place. Well, in the twenty eight years he has lived in the house it has always been blocked up with dust and dirt so the rain has to go else where to drain away. Well, today, with the help of the hose pipe and some water, he has cleared the drain and now the water flows away into the drains.

The only problem is, whoever laid the patio angled the level away from the house and the drain, so unless we get some serious flooding it is a case of 'No Change'!

We were served up some Doggy Scoff this morning and although I had some I would rather  have some of whatever OTL is having tonight.

The Missus has just called him, so food is about to be served!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. Well... at least OTL did the back gutters today ... sort him out tomorrow, Daisy .. get him to clean out the front ones!

  2. Hi Girls,

    Seems like you wanted to stay in bed all day today, I think it was only TM nagging that got OTL up to clear the rear gutters.
    Like the pictures and and inevitable "got any sandwiches" from Holly.
    I was told that the camera that matters it is the NUT behind the viewfinder. XX

  3. You are very wise for a doggy, staying indoors while OTL cleared the gutters, definitely not dogs work. No sandwiches, no squirrels, no rabbits just cold, gutters and Doggy Scoff with added vitamins, never mind another day tomorrow, good luck. xxxx

  4. Now that is a bit of a shock 28 years. Tell OTL that is more than I thought if asked.

    I thought it was cold yesterday but got hot going out.

    Nice blog