Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Busy doing Nothing!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back with you!

We have had a lazy day today, in fact we have been idle, non active, paws up and snoozing, not a lot of movement!

Except to woof at the Postman who was delivering some boring (Non Edible) stuff!

Holly and I spent the morning in our day bed, after enjoying a freshly cooked Chicken Breakfast and a nibble of some Rabbit & Duck Biscuits. It was great, on our back, paws in the air and zonked out!

It don't get much better!

While we were out this morning we met up with Alfie who we met the other day, we said hello and exchanged locations on some new sniffs. Off we went again and bumped into young Oscar. 'Yo Girls!'  he said as he was wiping his paws on the ground. He does this paw wiping stuff after he had a wee, I think it's to spread it around a bit so he looks big and strong, trouble is, he throws it up all over us, him, his owner and OTL!

Yo Girls!

Holly said that she thinks he is Oscar is a Super Star and I reckon she secretly fancies him!

Old Two Legs guided us around our walk and kept a close eye on us so we couldn't find that pile and have a roll! Holly found some old wormy stuff and was going to have a quick roll but OTL was right behind her and stopped her having a little roll!

Lunch time we woke up to OTL munching on some toast, so we just had to mug him for a bit of that!

Then it was Walkies Time! OTL had to deliver some stuff, so off we went in the car, Holly and I were on the look out for cats and dogs to woof at. Holly was sitting on the rear parcel shelf and I was up front with my nose against the wind screen!

We didn't see a single Pussy Cat!

Not to worry 'cos we did the deliveries in double quick time and then headed off to The Forrest!

When we fell out of the car it was raining, not a heavy rain but the sort that will soak you if you stay out in it for too long. So, Off we went to the 'Starting Post', this is where we always start sniffin, 'cos 'Here Be Squirrels!

Right, Here is your starter for five!
We caught the sniff of three squirrels that had been digging around here earlier in the day but even Holly couldn't tell if they were still about, so off we went, Squirrel Hunting!

We got through the first gate and I suddenly caught the sniff of 'Squirrel', it was being carried on the wind and I reckoned the squirrel was not too far in front of me, so, off I went like a Rocket Powered Squirrel Hunting Puppy!

Well, I knew Holly would be on my tail as I flew down the path and I'm sure I could see a little grey tail poking out from behind the tree trunk.

It was here, I know it was here, I saw it was here!
When I got down to the tree, nothing, not even a sniff! I was right put out that I didn't even get a chance to grab it! Holly was taking the mickey, saying that my eyes were wobbly and my nose was wearing out!

Well, I wasn't having that and off I went, nose to the ground and ears wide open. I sniffed and I listened, then I sniffed some more and there, on the breeze, came that sniff of squirrel again.

I wasn't going to loose it this time!

I crept along the forest fence  and there sitting on a branch was the squirrel, all showy off and munching a nut he had just dug up. As soon as it saw me it jumped up into the tree on the other side of the fence and sat there chattering away in squirrel at me!

Come down here and say that!
Well, I didn't understand a word 'cos I don't speak squirrel and anyway he was talking too fast!

So I just woofed an invitation for him to come down and say it again, on the ground and on this side of the fence!

I'm sure he knows what I was saying 'cos the next thing it did was to throw the empty nut shell down at me and launched into a louder load of chatter!

I wish I knew what he's saying!
Well that was how it stood for a while, him chattering away and me woofing at him and in the end he ran along the branch and jumped into the next tree and off he went.

Not to worry, I will remember him for next time and he had better not be on the ground when I catch him or I'll unscrew his tail and use it for a loo brush!

We had more fun running in the mud and climbing onto the tree trunks and looking for more squirrels but as hard as we looked, we couldn't find any more. Holly says that they have all gone to bed to snooze away the Winter until Spring comes back next year.

Not a bad idea!

I think they've gone back to bed!
Back home again and have a game trying to work out what OTL is having for dinner tonight, just so we know what to mug him for!

Holly has just sniffed it being cooked, it's Gammon tonight!

We like gammon!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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  1. Hi Girls,
    We had a lazy day too, hi Oscar nice to meet you. I see you had no luck with the squirrels, still better luck next time. Hope you mug some Gammon tonight. xx